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Correctional Facilities Take Further Acton to Prevent Covid-19

To help further prevent COVID-19 from impacting inmates and staff at correctional facilities, 41 people who are serving intermittent sentences in the province’s four adult correctional facilities will be released on temporary absence.

An intermittent sentence is ordered by a court and allows a person to serve a sentence in small blocks of time – usually on weekends - instead of all at once.

The person serving the sentence continues to live at home and work in the community most of the time so they can work and fulfill family obligations. Under the Criminal Code, a judge can impose an intermittent sentence if the term of imprisonment is 90 days or less.

This health protection measure is being made with the guidance and advice of public health officials. This measure is allowed under the Nova Scotia Correctional Services Act, and is in effect until further notice.

On March 15, Correctional Services closed its facilities to all visitors until further notice.

Correctional Services works closely with public health officials to ensure plans are in place at all times to mitigate the spread of any contagious virus or disease in the province’s correctional facilities.

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