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Investor Alert for GiroFX

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is alerting investors that GiroFX is not registered to trade in securities or derivatives in Nova Scotia.

GiroFX, , claims to be an online trading platform for forex, stocks, goods, cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. It claims to be a European Union regulated broker, however it does not identify any specific office locations.

At least one Nova Scotia resident lost money after investing with GiroFX. This investor learned of GiroFX through an online advertisement on social media. Upon opening an account, the investor was required to provide personal and financial information in the form of a passport, banking details and additional identification. GiroFX also required her to download software on her personal computer to allow it to remove funds from her online bank account.

If you have had contact with GiroFX or have been approached with an investment opportunity you believe may be fraudulent please contact the commission.


If a stranger knocked at your door and asked you for money and, or your personal and banking information, you would not give it to them. If you receive or view an online advertisement, remember that this is no different than the stranger knocking at your door. If you let them in, you may be putting your current and future financial well-being at significant risk for identity theft and fraud. Stephanie Atkinson, acting director of enforcement, Nova Scotia Securities Commission

Quick Facts:

  • it is illegal to solicit investments in Nova Scotia without registering with the commission and complying with Nova Scotia securities laws

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