News release

Federal-Provincial Agreement to Help Nova Scotians Affected by COVID and Restart Economy

Nova Scotia will receive more than a quarter of a billion dollars under the $19-billion federal-provincial-territorial Safe Restart Agreement announced today, July 16.

Premiers and the prime minister have been working on the agreement since its initial announcement in June.

The agreement is divided into seven core areas:

  • testing, contact tracing and data management
  • health-care capacity and mental health services and addictions
  • vulnerable populations, including long-term care facilities
  • personal protective equipment
  • early learning and child care
  • municipalities, with a proposed new public transit element
  • sick leave

"Provinces have borne the full impact of COVID-19 and individuals and businesses across Nova Scotia will feel the impact for months to come,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “This funding will help to address those challenges. I am grateful to my fellow premiers for their collaborative approach that will ensure Nova Scotians and all Canadians receive the help they need.”

The majority of the federal funding will be allocated on a per capita basis, with some being allocated on a needs basis and requires reporting and accounting of the federal dollars. Some measures, such as sick leave, will be fully funded and administered by the federal government.