News release

Statement from the Independent Review Panel

NOTE: The following is a statement from the Honourable J. Michael MacDonald, the Honourable A. Anne McLellan, and former police chief Leanne J. Fitch, the members of the Independent Review Panel into the tragedy of April 2020

The tragedy of April 18-19, 2020 was a devastating act of violence. Grieving families and communities understandably have many questions. We accept the responsibility entrusted to us with a solemn commitment and determination to conduct a thorough and independent review into these tragic events and into the broader context and circumstances leading to, surrounding, and following them.

In the coming weeks and months, we will meet with families, survivors, first responders, law enforcement officials and others as we examine what happened, how it happened, and what lessons and actions can improve community safety and help prevent such tragedies in the future.

We believe the scope and mandate of the review announced today, July 23, will provide us what we need to do this work effectively and comprehensively. Our approach will be trauma-informed as we undertake this work with care and compassion for those who have been most deeply affected. We are committed to examining the contexts that played a role in these acts of violence, including gender-based and intimate partner violence.

We take on this mandate with a commitment to the accountability of public institutions.

We will deliver an interim report to the federal and provincial ministers, and to the public, by the end of February 2021, with a final report by the end of August 2021.