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New Tidal Energy Developer Joins FORCE

The province is committed to developing commercially viable, renewable energy sources that have the potential to advance our green economy.

That is why the province used an independent and competitive process to fill the vacant berth at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy.

BigMoon Canada Corporation (BigMoon) has been selected by the independent procurement administrator as the successful applicant to fill berth D at the centre. As part of the agreement, the company will also remove the Cape Sharp turbine.

“Nova Scotia is a world leader in tidal energy development and our Bay of Fundy provides the ultimate test for new technology,” said Energy and Mines Minister Derek Mombourquette. “I am pleased we were able to find a private sector solution for the retrieval of the Cape Sharp turbine, and I continue to have great optimism for tidal technology development here because of this industry’s enormous potential and our local expertise.”

With authority from the minister, the procurement administrator has granted the company a Marine Renewable-Electricity licence and a power purchase agreement. The company has provided a security deposit of $4.5 million in relation to their commitment to the retrieval of the Cape Sharp turbine.


BigMoon is extremely pleased to have won this procurement from the province of Nova Scotia and to continue our efforts to advance the tidal industry in Canada. The work the Government of Nova Scotia has done to enable tidal development has made it possible for companies like BigMoon to move projects forward and, very soon, supply the people of Nova Scotia with clean, reliable tidal energy from one of the world’s great natural resources. - Lynn Blodgett, chair, BigMoon

Quick Facts:

  • the independent procurement administrator for this call for proposals was Power Advisory LLC, led by John Dalton
  • the Cape Sharp turbine is non-operational and does not present a risk to marine life or the environment
  • the company must submit and have a retrieval plan approved by the province and has until Dec. 31, 2024 to raise the turbine

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