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Colchester County Couple Named Woodland Owners of the Year

A commitment to sustainable forest practises and an eye for innovation have earned Colchester County couple Stacey and Norman Paupin of Folly Lake the title of provincial Woodland Owners of the Year for 2020.

In 2012, the Paupins bought a 40 hectare woodlot near Shinimicas Cumberland Co. with the goal of restoring the forest to harvest firewood and non-timber forest products. Using treatments like thinning, they have improved the forest health by encouraging growth of native species.

Stacey and Norman use solar powered pumps to collect sap and have adapted technology to make birch syrup, which sells for a higher price than maple syrup. Norman has continually refined his process to produce a syrup that won the World Birch Syrup Championships in 2018. He is now further developing the process with a researcher at the Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus in Truro.

"Private woodlot owners like Stacey and Norman are vital to our province's forestry sector. They've created a healthier environment and a business opportunity through good forest management and resource stewardship," said Lands and Forestry Minister Iain Rankin. “The Paupins are gaining value from their forest and enjoying the many rewards that can come from running a sustainable woodlot.”

The Paupins are hosting a field day Saturday, Oct. 3, so the public can tour their operation, see demonstrations of birch syrup production and learn about woodlot management. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place. The public can RSVP by contacting or visiting the Woodland Owner of the Year website, , for more information.


Initially, we purchased the property as a source of firewood to heat our home, as a way to get exercise and we saw it as an investment. Our approach has been to take what was there and make every attempt at improving its overall value. To us, it has more than an economic value; it is a quiet place to walk, to appreciate the trees themselves, to observe wildlife and just enjoy nature and think. It has allowed us the opportunity to experiment with some pretty awesome ideas. Norman Paupin

Quick Facts:

  • the Woodland Owner of the Year award program has honoured private woodlot owners for outstanding resource stewardship for 30 years
  • Nova Scotians who own between 20 and 2,000 hectares (50 and 5,000 acres) of woodland are eligible to be nominated

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