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More Options for Residential Rental Property Showings

To ensure the health and safety of tenants and landlords, the province is introducing new options for showing residential rental properties during the third wave of COVID-19.

Starting today, May 21, a ministerial directive under the Emergency Management Act will require landlords to gain residential tenants’ consent for in-person showings for the purpose of renting or in cases where the property is being sold.

If a tenant chooses not to allow in-person viewings, they must allow the landlord, and up to one other person, entry into the premises to film/photograph the property for virtual viewings. The landlord must give notice to the tenant 24 hours before entry.

“The changes being made will help ensure the health and safety of tenants, landlords and potential tenants, while still allowing essential business to take place,” said Patricia Arab, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services. “The new directive will help to strengthen our collective efforts to fight the third wave of COVID-19.”

Public health protocols must be followed during in-person viewings.

The minister’s directive is in effect until June 30 unless extended.

Quick Facts:

  • residential rental properties include rental houses and residential rental units, such as apartments, that are covered under the Residential Tenancies Act


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