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Premier Congratulates Nova Scotian for Everest Climb

Premier Iain Rankin congratulated Dr. Kevin Walsh, of Falmouth, for reaching the top of the world.

The Annapolis Valley dentist reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 23 and planted the Nova Scotia flag. He spoke with Premier Rankin this morning, June 2, from Kathmandu, Nepal.

“What a proud moment for Dr. Walsh and for all Nova Scotians,” said Premier Rankin. “Hearing first-hand about the climb, the danger, his amazing 60-year-old Sherpa guide – who has been to the top of Everest about 15 times – and the excitement of reaching the top was just incredible. Congratulations on behalf of all Nova Scotians.”


It was a pretty awesome experience. I will never forget standing at the top of the world. I am a proud Bluenoser through and through. Dr. Kevin Walsh, to Premier Rankin this morning


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