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More Nursing Seats at Dalhousie University’s Yarmouth Campus

The Rankin government announced today, July 2, it is investing $49,400 annually in the permanent addition of eight first-year bachelor of science in nursing seats at Dalhousie University’s Yarmouth campus.

These seats had been temporary but are now permanent, continuing the government’s investments in education for health-care professionals to ensure Nova Scotians get the care and access they need.

"We need more nurses, which is why we are significantly increasing the number of first-year nursing seats at Dalhousie University’s Yarmouth campus and Cape Breton University," said Health and Wellness Minister Zach Churchill. “This means more people can complete their education here at home, and we will have more nurses to provide the care we need in the future.”

These eight seats are in addition to 62 first-year seats added at Cape Breton University, which have also been made permanent. These 70 seats will be permanently funded at $3.2 million annually.

This is the first increase in undergraduate nursing seats in 12 years, and the largest ever. There are now 33 first-year bachelor of science in nursing program seats in Yarmouth and 133 at Cape Breton University.

The increase ensures a steady supply of new nurses as current nurses retire.


Nurses play a critical role in the health-care system. I’m delighted that the Nova Scotia government has made the eight new first-year nursing seats at Dalhousie’s Yarmouth campus permanent. This investment will give more students from outside of Halifax the opportunity to complete a bachelor of science in nursing close to home and bolster the ranks of nurses across the province. Ruth Martin-Misener, director, School of Nursing, and assistant dean research, Faculty of Health, Dalhousie University

Since the pandemic, interest in the nursing profession has steadily increased, with many more students applying to nursing programs across the country. We believe it’s the result of the public seeing firsthand how greatly nurses contribute to the health of their communities. I’m very pleased to see that government has responded by making these seats permanent. We welcome the relief and expertise these additional nurses will provide to the health-care system in the not-too-distant future. Janet Hazelton, president, Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union

Quick Facts:

  • since 1995, Dalhousie University’s School of Nursing, in partnership with Nova Scotia Health, has offered students the opportunity to complete a bachelor of science in nursing in Yarmouth
  • there are 471 first-year nursing seats across the province
  • registered nurses make up the largest portion of the provincial health workforce, with more than 10,000 registered nurses

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