News release

Old-Growth Forest Policy Open for Public Input

The Province is updating the policy that protects old-growth forests on Crown land and is seeking public feedback.

The current policy has been in place since 2012. The revised draft policy incorporates advancements in technology and research over the past decade.

“Old-growth forests are an important part of the province’s biodiversity and must be maintained and protected,” said Natural Resources and Renewables Minister Tory Rushton. “Crown land belongs to all of us. We’ve heard from stakeholder groups about the draft policy, and now we want to give the public the chance to provide their feedback as we look to change the way Crown land is managed in this province.”

The draft policy can be found here: . Written submissions will be accepted until December 8.

Old-growth forests will be included in the conservation zone of the ecological forestry triad model, as recommended in Prof. William Lahey’s report on forestry practices in Nova Scotia.

Once finalized, the new policy will be incorporated into the department’s process to review and approve harvest applications.

Quick Facts:

  • once a forest stand is designated as old growth, restrictions apply to the type of harvesting and activity that can be done in the area
  • the new Old-Growth Forest Policy draft contains a provision for review every five years
  • the draft policy was developed following targeted stakeholder consultations
  • the policy only applies to Crown land, though its principles can be applied to private land