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Affordable Housing Commission Progress Report

NOTE: The following is a news release on behalf of the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission.

The Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission has released a progress report on the Province’s efforts to address the urgent need for improved affordable housing in Nova Scotia.

The report reviews actions taken by the Province to implement the 17 recommendations and 60 meaningful actions that the commission submitted in its May 2021 report, Charting a New Course for Affordable Housing in Nova Scotia.

The commission noted that several key initiatives related to housing supply challenges have been successfully advanced. In particular, the commission highlighted the Province’s investment in four quick-start initiatives, and the introduction of legislative changes to improve renter protections and give municipalities more power to support affordable housing within their communities.

The Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission was formed in 2020 in response to the Province’s affordable housing crisis and was asked to develop recommendations that would improve access to affordable housing. The 17 members of the commission represent various sectors, regions and backgrounds.

The commission consulted with 36 experts and more than 2,000 Nova Scotians through an extensive public consultation process to form its recommendations.


Overall, the government has taken significant actions over the last six months towards implementing the commission’s recommendations. I expect that partnerships will continue to be developed, particularly as our non-profit housing sector grows and strengthens. Ren Thomas, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University School of Planning, and Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission Co-chair

The job of making sure Nova Scotians have a safe and affordable place to call home has always been a team effort. As this important work continues to move forward, co-operation between the government, industry, partners and stakeholders remains a key factor for success. Paul LaFleche, Deputy Minister, Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission Co-Chair

Quick Facts:

  • 11.4 per cent, or 45,100, of Nova Scotian households are in core housing need
  • to date, the Province has committed more than $35 million to initiatives to support the recommendations of the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission
  • to date, the Province has invested in initiatives that will produce 1,139 more affordable housing units

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