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COVID-19 Grant to Help Eligible Post-Secondary Students

Thousands of eligible post-secondary students will receive a one-time COVID-19 grant of $875 to help them pay their bills.

About 11,000 students who receive Nova Scotia Student Assistance qualify. The grant, which will not have to be repaid, represents a $9.8-million investment in post-secondary students.

“We know the pandemic has been very difficult in many ways for post-secondary students. We also know many students haven’t been able to access part-time employment to help pay for school due to COVID measures,” said Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong. “I am committed to reducing barriers and finding solutions to help post-secondary students be successful. This investment provides immediate relief for thousands of Nova Scotia students with the highest need while we continue to work with our partners to assist students.”

To be eligible for the one-time grant, post-secondary students must be a Nova Scotia resident and qualify for and receive Nova Scotia Student Assistance.

Students do not have to apply. The grant money will be automatically deposited into eligible students’ bank accounts in March.


One of the biggest challenges that students are facing right now is the rising cost of expenses for things like food and housing. This investment in students could not have come at a more critical time, especially with all the added costs related to the pandemic. This extra money will help many students focus on their studies instead of wondering how they will pay the next bill. Ben Fairhurst, Chair, Students Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • eligible students may attend university, Nova Scotia Community College or a private career college
  • the Nova Scotia Student Assistance Program provides needs-based assistance to students who would be unable to attend post-secondary study because their resources are not sufficient to cover costs
  • all Nova Scotia students who qualify for Nova Scotia Student Assistance get 40 per cent of their assistance as a non-repayable grant upfront
  • under the Nova Scotia Loan Forgiveness Program, all eligible Nova Scotia students who attend a Nova Scotia institution and complete their first degree, certificate or diploma program are eligible to have the entire Nova Scotia portion of their student loan forgiven; students attending private career colleges are not eligible
  • every Nova Scotia student who attends a Nova Scotia university full-time receives the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary of $1,283 annually; this money is taken directly off the student’s debt load and doesn’t need to be repaid

Additional Resources:

Information on Nova Scotia Student Assistance is available at:

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