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Adoption Records Open May 1

Adoption records will become open in Nova Scotia on May 1.

At that time, the Province’s Disclosure Program will begin accepting applications under the Adoption Records Act. This legislation allows adopted people, once they turn 19, and birth parents to access their information if they want to.

“Given that the legislation will take effect on May 1st, it’s important that those who want their information protected are aware of the date,” said Karla MacFarlane, Minister of Community Services. “I encourage people who wish to protect their privacy to file a disclosure veto or contact notice. I also encourage Nova Scotians who may have questions or concerns to reach out to Disclosure Program staff to talk it through.”

A disclosure veto is a document stating an adopted person or a birth parent does not wish to share information that can identify them. With a contact notice, people share identifying information and state how they want to be contacted or that they don’t want to contacted.

As of May 1, these privacy tools will continue to be available if the adoption information has not already been shared.

Under the new legislation, people who have previously indicated they want to keep their information private are still required to fill out a privacy tool.

Quick Facts:

  • as of February 15, the Disclosure Program had received a total of 192 privacy filings (disclosure vetoes and contact notices)

Additional Resources:

The Adoption Records Act:

More information on the changes to accessing adoption records is available at:

Adopted people, birth parents and others affected by the changes can get more information or file a disclosure veto or contact notice by contacting the Disclosure Program: 902-424-2755 / 1-833-424-2755 (toll-free) / / Disclosure Program, 2131 Gottingen Street - 3rd Floor, Halifax, NS B3K 5Z7