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Legislation to Permanently Allow Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Legislation introduced today, April 6, will give provincially regulated companies, co-operatives, societies and condominium corporations the option to continue meeting virtually or with a mix of in-person and virtual participants.

An Act to Permit Virtual Business Meetings makes amendments to the Companies Act, Co-operative Associations Act, Societies Act and the Condominiums Act and will impact corporate bodies that are formed under them.

“The pandemic has challenged companies and other corporate bodies to look at innovative ways to continue to do essential business while following public health guidelines,” said Colton LeBlanc, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services. “The proposed amendments respond to their request to permanently allow the option to hold virtual or hybrid meetings as they have demonstrated they can do so effectively and responsibly.”

Provincially regulated companies, co-operatives, societies, condominiums and other corporate bodies were allowed to hold virtual and hybrid meetings during the provincial state of emergency, which ended last month. The amendments will allow these options on a permanent basis.

The proposed legislation will also set parameters around holding virtual and hybrid meetings, while providing flexibility around how meetings are held.


We are pleased that the opportunity to continue to hold virtual meetings through electronic means will be maintained. The pandemic required many changes for all of us, and in this instance, we’ve found one that can help non-profits engage more of their membership in regular meetings and reduce the travel and financial burden on our volunteers. Jamie Ferguson, CEO, Sport Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness estimates these changes will save businesses about $4 million annually and 468,000 hours of time, mostly related to travel that will no longer be required
  • over 55,000 entities will benefit from the amendments
  • the Companies Act, Co-operative Associations Act, Societies Act and the Condominium Act govern the vast majority of entities that are required to hold regular shareholder, member and director meetings

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Bills tabled in the legislature this spring are available at: