News release

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities to Deliver Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund

Communities across the province will benefit from funding to help them adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities was selected through a request for proposals process to develop and administer the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund, first announced in January.

The fund will provide $15 million over three years for projects which will help communities adapt to climate change and help the province meet its greenhouse gas emission targets.

“Nova Scotians are increasingly experiencing the effects of climate change and are concerned about its impacts on their communities, livelihoods, the environment and their way of life,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Timothy Halman. “The task before us is clear – we must act now and with urgency, not just the provincial government, but all Nova Scotians. This fund – and the leadership of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities – will help empower our communities and municipalities to take action to build a more sustainable, equitable and climate-resilient future.”

Setting up this fund is a goal in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act and part of the government’s multi-pronged response to climate change. Later this spring, the Department will release an updated climate risk assessment and a climate plan.


Being chosen to develop and administer the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund is a recognition of NSFM's historic and ongoing work with climate-related initiatives. It also recognizes our long-standing reputation for working with a diverse cross-section of stakeholders to achieve collective action. We are excited to work with the Province of Nova Scotia, and all of the organizations eligible for the SCCF, to advance projects that will help our communities mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Juanita Spencer, CEO, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

Quick Facts:

  • the Sustainable Community Challenge Fund was announced January 17 as part of Green Fund investments
  • the Green Fund is revenue collected under the Province’s cap and trade program; the revenue is set aside to be reinvested in climate change initiatives
  • auctions in the cap and trade program in 2021 raised $44.8 million