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2022 Pesticide Spraying Approvals Issued

The Department of Environment and Climate Change has issued three new approvals for pesticide spraying, covering 2,306 hectares.

The approvals are for aerial spraying of glyphosate-based products on land for forestry purposes. The approval holders are ARF Enterprises Inc., J. D. Irving Ltd. and Wagner Forest NS Ltd.

The proposed timeframe for spraying is Monday, August 15, to Friday, September 30. The approvals expire December 31, 2022.

This year’s program also includes three previously authorized multi-year approvals that allow for spraying in Nova Scotia Power’s utility corridor and CN’s rail line.

All approvals are posted online at: .

Health Canada’s Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency determines whether a product is safe for use. Nova Scotia only approves pesticide spraying using chemicals that have been approved by the federal agency.

Quick Facts:

  • approvals include specific terms and conditions that must be met, such as only spraying during a particular range of wind speeds, maintaining separation distances from water and notifying the public about spraying times
  • spraying is done for forestry management and for public safety along transportation routes
  • all 10 provinces allow spraying of Health Canada-approved products
  • the two approved pesticides, Vision Max and Timberline Herbicide, are glyphosate-based products - the most widely used herbicide in Canada

Additional Resources:

Government of Canada pesticides and pest management information: