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New Supportive Housing in Halifax

New transitional, supportive housing for men who are exiting correctional facilities after serving their sentences will soon be available in central Halifax.

The Province has provided a low-interest $1.1-million mortgage to the John Howard Society of Nova Scotia to help the society purchase and renovate a multi-unit home for eight residents.

“A house is more than a place to call home,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr. “Access to safe, supportive housing can open doors to new opportunities for the men who live there. It can provide options and help break the cycles of poverty and ongoing conflict with the justice system.”

The Department of Community Services is providing the society $828,000 in annual funding for ongoing operations, on-site supports and services, including:

  • 24-hour staffing
  • a housing support worker who will help residents find permanent housing
  • other services that may be needed such as mental health or employment supports.

This is the second non-profit organization to receive lending support through the Province’s new Community Housing Acquisition Program.


The John Howard Society doesn’t just provide a place to stay. They provide wrap-around services to the men living in the house with access to mental health, employment, housing supports services and more, to help residents integrate back into their community. Karla MacFarlane, Minister of Community Services

Safe housing, collaborative case management and support are key factors to making a difference for people who are involved with the criminal justice system. Working with community partners, we can help ensure at-risk men have a solid foundation to move forward with their lives. Brad Johns, Attorney General and Minister of Justice

The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia supports people who are currently or previously engaged in the criminal justice system or who are vulnerable and at risk. Housing provides our clientele with the opportunity to make meaningful personal and/or lifestyle changes, which can’t take place without first having a roof over their head. We offer a wide range of programs and services that support individual needs and risk factors while being person-centred, client-driven and solutions-focused. Leisha Seymour, Executive Director, John Howard Society of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • through the Community Housing Acquisition Program, community housing providers can access up to $10 million in repayable loans to support the purchase of existing rental units
  • the program fulfills the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission’s recommendation to help non-profits finance the acquisition of rental properties at risk of being converted into high-end developments
  • the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia was the first organization to receive a low-interest mortgage through the program

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