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Paramedics Recognized on Medic Monday

Today, September 26, is Medic Monday in Nova Scotia, a day to celebrate the more than 1,200 paramedics who provide emergency care, comfort and hope to people across the province.

“Paramedics have a special place in the hearts of Nova Scotians. They always give their best when people need help. I cannot thank our paramedics enough for the difficult job they do tirelessly, every day, to help save lives,” said Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness. “While Nova Scotians stayed safe at home during hurricane Fiona’s extreme rain and winds, paramedics were on the job and on the roads responding to emergencies.”

On Saturday, September 24, Emergency Health Services (EHS), which provides ground and air ambulance services, received its highest one-day call volume ever recorded.

In addition to responding to emergencies, paramedics work in clinical education, research, quality improvement and leadership roles, and work closely with other health professionals to improve healthcare for Nova Scotians.

Paramedics are a vital part of Nova Scotia’s healthcare system, and the demands on them are great. To support them, the Province has:

  • invested in power stretchers and power loaders in ambulances
  • listened to paramedics in the design of ambulances under a new contract with Tri-Star Industries of Yarmouth
  • hired more patient transport drivers so paramedics can focus on emergency calls
  • approved a new, temporary licence so that graduating paramedics can start working in their field sooner.

Since 2013, the Province has recognized the last Monday in September as a day to honour paramedics.


In the 10 years I have been a paramedic, I have seen many clinical and operational advancements to meet the needs of our patients. The level of pre-hospital care paramedics continue to deliver to Nova Scotians on a daily basis is something that should fill us all with pride. While the COVID-19 pandemic made this job even more difficult, I was proud to see paramedics across the province answer the call and work together as a team to get the job done. On this Medic Monday, I feel so privileged to be able to work alongside these dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals. Ryan Matthews, EHS paramedic, Halifax Regional Municipality

Quick Facts:

  • in 2021, paramedics responded to about 182,000 calls, an average of 500 per day
  • extended care paramedics in Halifax provide collaborative and tailored care to enable nursing home residents to be treated at home rather than in an emergency department
  • EHS community-based paramedics in Cape Breton Regional Municipality support patients at home after they are released from hospital
  • single paramedic units respond to assess and treat patients at home who may not need to go to hospital
  • EHS LifeFlight paramedics provide critical care for emergencies and patient transfers across the province

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