News release

Amendments to Improve Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Governance

Amendments to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Act introduced today, October 13, will help modernize the gallery’s governance and operations.

“Our government made a commitment to ensure agencies and offices are operating accountably and effectively,” said Pat Dunn, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “The changes I am introducing today will give the gallery a more efficient board that better reflects Nova Scotia’s diversity. This will position the gallery for success now and into the future.”

The amendments will reduce the gallery’s board size to between seven and 13 members, down from 19. Employees will move from the civil service to the broader public service to become direct employees of the gallery, which is consistent with other Crown corporations. The Minister will also approve the hiring or termination of the CEO, following a board recommendation.

The amendments will also require the board to create a nominating committee to help with recruitment. The committee will be required to consider and address diversity on the board, including regional diversity.

Quick Facts:

  • the changes were recommended through the government review of agencies, offices and Crown corporations completed this summer
  • staff will become direct employees of the gallery effective January 1