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Modernizing Public Notice of Laws, Regulations

Legislation introduced today, October 18, will improve the way the government makes official notice of important legislative and regulatory changes available to the public.

Under amendments to the Regulations Act, the Communications and Information Act and the Evidence Act, the online version of the Royal Gazette, which publishes notice of laws, proclamations and other important government and legal information, will be considered official.

Currently, only the print version, which is available through a paid subscription, is considered official. The official, online Royal Gazette will be free.

“The regulations that govern the laws of Nova Scotia impact the everyday lives of Nova Scotians. It is important that they are easily accessible to the public and the legal community,” said Attorney General and Justice Minister Brad Johns. “Making these services more convenient improves access for Nova Scotians and saves money for government, businesses and non-profit organizations, which need this information.”

The amendments will also allow for the electronic filing of regulations and use of digital signatures on documents filed with the Registrar of Regulations.

The proposed changes are consistent with a general move toward electronic legislative information in other jurisdictions, including the online publication of the federal Canada Gazette.

Quick Facts:

  • the Royal Gazette, originally called the Halifax Gazette, was Canada’s first newspaper
  • it has been the government’s official publication for proclamations and notices for more than 200 years
  • the changes mean production of the print version will stop, though people can request a printed copy
  • five provinces and the federal government publish an official gazette electronically
  • savings to subscribers of the Royal Gazette will range from $700 to $930 per year

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