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Feedback Will Support Modernizing Powers of Attorney Act

The government will hold virtual discussions next week on further improving the Powers of Attorney Act.

The consultation is part of the ongoing effort to modernize the act, which was updated earlier this year with new safeguards for people who rely on another person to oversee their financial and personal affairs under a power of attorney. The amendments also clarified the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved.

“Nova Scotians deserve peace of mind when appointing someone they trust to make decisions for them temporarily or permanently about finances and property,” said Justice Minister Brad Johns.

The consultation will include discussion on:

  • witnessing signatures virtually
  • the use of electronic signatures
  • better monitoring of powers of attorney agreements
  • waiving certain duties
  • compensation for attorneys.

Legislative changes following the consultation may include additional safeguards to prevent abuse of anyone who appoints another person to manage their affairs under a power of attorney.

People who have experience with powers of attorney can pre-register for virtual sessions scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, and Thursday, October 27, at 6 p.m. Pre-registration is at:

Those unable to participate in the virtual session, or who want to submit in French, can send feedback by email to:


We hope the lived experiences of Nova Scotians will bring further insights and improvements to the process around powers of attorney. Barbara Adams, Minister of Seniors and Long-term Care

Quick Facts:

  • the Powers of Attorney Act has been in place since 1988
  • a first phase of amendments passed in the legislature in April and were proclaimed in July