News release

Amendments Strengthen Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s ability to help Nova Scotia achieve its clean energy goals will be strengthened by amendments to the Public Utilities Act introduced today, October 21.

“Efficiency Nova Scotia delivers programs that help fight climate change and save Nova Scotians money on their energy bills,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables. “They are very good at this work, and the changes we’re making will help them do it even better.”

The amendments:

  • clarify Efficiency Nova Scotia’s current role in helping Nova Scotians transition off oil
  • remove the end date in Efficiency Nova Scotia’s agreement with the Province to give it stability and the ability to make longer term plans
  • remove the requirement to have Nova Scotia Power as a co-applicant when Efficiency Nova Scotia submits a demand side management plan to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB); these plans outline Efficiency Nova Scotia’s programs that help reduce energy demand through use of heat pumps, solar panels, etc.
  • direct the NSUARB to allow more programs for low-income households under Efficiency Nova Scotia’s programming.

Quick Facts:

  • Efficiency Nova Scotia has been helping Nova Scotians improve energy use – saving $180 million annually on their energy bills – since 2008
  • it is a key player in the residential and commercial retrofit market, moving homes and businesses off oil with products like insulation, heat pumps and solar panels
  • its programs have helped more than 21,000 low-income Nova Scotians get free home assessments and energy efficiency upgrades
  • its programs have reduced electricity demand by 12 per cent since 2008 and account for one million tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions each year