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Second-Quarter Results

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) released its second-quarter financial results today, October 25.

Total sales for the quarter – July 3 to October 4 – were up 5.2 per cent to $239.4 million, with an increase in both beverage alcohol and cannabis sales compared to the same period last year. Beverage alcohol sales increased 4.8 per cent to $210.5 million, and cannabis sales increased 8.3 per cent to $28.8 million.

Earnings increased 5.7 per cent to $82.8 million, in part due to the opening of three new cannabis stores.

Sales of Nova Scotia products increased across all categories, with local cannabis leading the growth with a 56.5 per cent increase in sales to $8.6 million. Growth in other categories included:

  • wine: up 14.6 per cent to $5.4 million
  • ready-to-drink products: up 13.1 per cent to $11.3 million
  • beer: up 12.4 per cent to $8.7 million
  • spirits: up 8.1 per cent to $3.4 million.

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