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Rebate Increase for Mastectomy Prostheses

Nova Scotia residents who have received a cancer-related mastectomy or lumpectomy will now get more help with the cost of mastectomy prostheses.

An alternative to breast reconstruction, these prostheses support balance and good posture, and help to prevent back and neck problems that can develop when a breast is removed.

“Recovering and moving forward after a mastectomy or lumpectomy is a life-changing and challenging time for many people,” said Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson. “We want to ensure they feel supported and are not faced with financial burdens when accessing important resources like mastectomy prostheses.”

The rebate now provides up to $300 per prosthesis every two years, an increase from $150, with a maximum total rebate of $600.

For people who earn under $30,000 a year, the updated rebate provides up to $450 per prosthesis every two years, an increase from $300, with a maximum of $750. There is also a $75 rebate available for the purchase of a supporting bra, an increase from $40.


When Nova Scotians face cancer, the impact is not only medical but also financial. The decision to use a breast prosthesis is a very personal one, based on their feelings, desires, lifestyle and other factors. Whether you can afford a prosthesis should not be one of those considerations. Today’s announcement will enhance access so that more Nova Scotians have choice in their cancer care. Heather Mulligan, Manager of Advocacy for Atlantic Canada, Canadian Cancer Society

Quick Facts:

  • the rebate increases took effect on January 1
  • mastectomy prostheses range in price but based on program claims for 2020-21, the average cost for a single prosthesis was $360 and a double was $635

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