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Recommendations on Aquaculture Regulations

The Province is moving forward with recommendations from an advisory committee to improve aquaculture regulations in Nova Scotia.

A report from the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulatory Advisory Committee, released today, March 17, finds the sector’s current regulatory framework is a good foundation. It makes 17 recommendations for improvements.

“Our aim is to support low-impact, sustainable growth in Nova Scotia’s aquaculture industry,” said Steve Craig, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture. “These recommendations are the result of extensive consultation and will guide us in making improvements. I thank the committee and everyone who participated for sharing their insight to help us with this important work.”

There are three themes in the recommendations:

  • applying the right level of regulation to both small and large operations
  • sharing more information and making it easier to find and understand for better transparency
  • creating more opportunity for public participation in the application process for licences.

The current aquaculture regulations, developed following an independent review, have been in place since 2015.

Quick Facts:

  • consulting firm Davis Pier facilitated stakeholder and public consultation for the aquaculture regulatory review
  • there were 988 survey responses and representatives from the aquaculture sector, fish harvesters, environmental and community groups, municipalities and academia were consulted
  • there are 235 marine and land-based aquaculture sites in Nova Scotia
  • the aquaculture industry employs about 900 people and contributes more than $80 million per year to Nova Scotia’s economy

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