News release

Amendments to Construction Projects Labour Relations Act

Amendments to the Construction Projects Labour Relations Act introduced today, March 22, will broaden the legislation to include large-scale green hydrogen production facilities as Nova Scotia transitions to renewable energy.

“Large-scale green hydrogen projects provide significant investment, economic activity and jobs for our province,” said Jill Balser, Minister of Labour, Skills and Immigration. “This legislation provides certainty and labour stability for companies and investors as they work to complete their projects on schedule. This will encourage and support the timely completion of large-scale green hydrogen projects in Nova Scotia.”

Under the Construction Projects Labour Relations Act, unionized contractors and unions enter into a collective agreement for the construction project, safeguarding it from work stoppages.

The Province consulted with community partners, unions, non-union shops and construction associations in developing the proposed amendments.

The amendments will take effect upon royal assent.

Quick Facts:

  • green hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel made with renewable energy
  • green hydrogen can help reduce fossil fuel use and help Nova Scotia meet its climate change goals