News releases from Agriculture (Page 1)

Exhibitions Program Expanded to Assist Reopenings


Nova Scotia’s agricultural exhibitions can get help reopening this year through an expanded provincial infrastructure program.

Buzzworthy Funding Program Helps Blueberry Growers ‘Bee’ Successful


The government is investing an additional $100,000 in the Blueberry Pollination Expansion Program to support blueberry growers who keep bees to pollinate their crops.

Government Covers Planned School Milk Price Increase

Agriculture / Education and Early Childhood Development

Amid rising food costs, the government will cover a planned price increase in the School Milk Program to ensure milk stays affordable for families when students return to classrooms in September.

Le gouvernement prend en charge l'augmentation du prix du lait consommé dans les écoles

Agriculture / Education and Early Childhood Development

En raison de la croissance du coût de la nourriture, le gouvernement prendra en charge une augmentation prévue des coûts liés au Programme lait-école de la Nouvelle-Écosse afin que le lait reste abordable pour les familles à la rentrée scolaire en septembre.

Atlantic Agriculture Ministers Unified in Supporting Industry


Agriculture is a vital part of the region’s economy and workforce and an important contributor to local food supply.

More Help For Farmers’ Limestone Trucking Costs


Nova Scotia’s farmers are receiving more funds to help cover increased trucking costs for limestone. The Department of Agriculture is putting an additional $200,000 into the Limestone Trucking Assistance Program.

New Community Pasture for Farmers Largest in Decades


The Department of Agriculture, through the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, is making the largest addition in decades to the province’s community pasture land for farmers.

New Youth Council to Advise Minister


A new Nova Scotia Youth Council for Agriculture will advise the Minister on advancing agriculture and agri-food production as viable career and business opportunities for young people. Council members were announced in Truro today, May 19, and held their first council meeting.

2022 Minister’s Awards of Excellence in Agriculture


The 2022 Minister’s Awards of Excellence in Agriculture were presented today, May 19, to 13 recipients, including organic farm owners who developed a farm-to-school snack program, a wine producer who highlights Nova Scotia grape growing in international markets and two female farmers who created a network for local farm women.

Legislation to Create Wine Authority for Nova Scotia


Legislation announced today, April 1, will enable the government to create a wine authority to administer a quality standards program for Nova Scotia wines.

Farmers Cultivate Food Facts in Students


Nova Scotia farmers are visiting classrooms across the province to help students learn the importance of growing food locally. The visits mark Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, which begins today, March 1.

Province Invests in Student Health and Well-being, Covers School Milk Price Increase

Education and Early Childhood Development / Agriculture

Schools play a pivotal role in supporting the health of students. To support student success and well-being, the government is investing $2 million in the new Healthy Schools Fund and covering the increased cost of milk for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year.

La Province investit dans la santé et le mieux-être des élèves en prenant en charge l’augmentation du prix du lait consommé dans les écoles

Agriculture / Education and Early Childhood Development

Les écoles jouent un rôle primordial dans la santé des élèves. Ainsi, afin de favoriser leur réussite et leur mieux-être, le gouvernement va investir deux millions de dollars dans le nouveau Fonds pour les écoles-santé et prendre en charge l’augmentation du prix du lait pendant le reste de l’année scolaire 2021-2022.

Students, Farms Benefit from Bursary


Students with work experience on a farm can still apply for a 2021-2022 Nova Scotia Agriculture On-Farm Student Bursary to help them pursue post-secondary studies.

Pilot Project Helps Raspberry Growers


Raspberry growers are benefiting from a government pilot project to expand the growing season, increase their profits and boost the economy by reducing the province’s reliance on imported products.

Wild Blueberry Challenge 2021 Winner


A Nova Scotia company that produces a health supplement enhanced by wild blueberries has won an industry innovation prize.

Lab Investment To Help Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cider Sectors


The provincial and federal governments are adding to their support of Nova Scotia’s home-grown wine industry while also helping Nova Scotia beer, spirits, and cider producers get their products ready for export.

Students Learn about Growing Food Locally


Nova Scotia farmers will help students understand the importance of growing food locally during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, beginning Monday, March 1.

Investments to Protect Farm Workers

Agriculture / COVID - 19

Many Nova Scotia farmers have made improvements to health and safety to help protect their workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. They can now apply for funding to help cover some of those costs.

Renewed Loan Board Provides Greater Access to Financing to Forestry Sector

Agriculture / Lands and Forestry (July 2018 - Aug. 2021)

Forestry companies can better develop and adapt their businesses with easier access to financing. This has been a common theme delivered by the sector and that is why government has developed an improved lending program for forestry companies.