News releases from Agriculture (Page 1)

Students, Farms Benefit from Bursary


Students with work experience on a farm can still apply for a 2021-2022 Nova Scotia Agriculture On-Farm Student Bursary to help them pursue post-secondary studies.

Pilot Project Helps Raspberry Growers


Raspberry growers are benefiting from a government pilot project to expand the growing season, increase their profits and boost the economy by reducing the province’s reliance on imported products.

Wild Blueberry Challenge 2021 Winner


A Nova Scotia company that produces a health supplement enhanced by wild blueberries has won an industry innovation prize.

Lab Investment To Help Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cider Sectors


The provincial and federal governments are adding to their support of Nova Scotia’s home-grown wine industry while also helping Nova Scotia beer, spirits, and cider producers get their products ready for export.

Students Learn about Growing Food Locally


Nova Scotia farmers will help students understand the importance of growing food locally during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, beginning Monday, March 1.

Investments to Protect Farm Workers

Agriculture / COVID - 19

Many Nova Scotia farmers have made improvements to health and safety to help protect their workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. They can now apply for funding to help cover some of those costs.

Renewed Loan Board Provides Greater Access to Financing to Forestry Sector

Agriculture / Lands and Forestry (July 2018 - Aug. 2021)

Forestry companies can better develop and adapt their businesses with easier access to financing. This has been a common theme delivered by the sector and that is why government has developed an improved lending program for forestry companies.

Wild Blueberry Solutions Challenge Winner


A Nova Scotia company that produces nutritionally enhanced wild blueberries is the winner of an industry innovation prize.

Province to Phase Out Wine Regions Policy

Agriculture / Intergovernmental Affairs

The Governments of Canada and Australia have reached an understanding concerning certain measures in the World Trade Organization dispute, Canada – Measures Governing the Sale of Wine. This agreement will see Nova Scotia phase out a markup policy applied to wine from emerging wine regions, including Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Renovations Begin


Exhibitions, fairs and harness racing have been part of the traditional way of life in rural communities in the province for more than 100 years.

Support for Agriculture Sector Dealing with COVID-19

Agriculture / COVID - 19

Nova Scotia’s agricultural businesses continue to produce food and generate economic activity, even when faced with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The province is responding to the sector’s immediate needs to help keep it strong.

Two Greenhouses Growing With New Funding


Two leading Nova Scotia greenhouse businesses are expanding to meet an increased demand for local produce and plants.

Conference Focuses on the Future of Farming


The first Agriculture Minister’s Conference at the Halifax Convention Centre, March 3 and 4, is attracting farmers, representatives from wine, spirits and brewing industries, food processors, wholesale and retail food companies, equipment manufacturers and others, to address opportunities in agriculture.

Local Food and Beverage Campaign Launched


It is important for consumers to know where to find Nova Scotia’s locally grown and produced food and beverage.

Wild Blueberry Innovation Challenge


The Department of Agriculture and the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia are working together to support innovation and find new markets for our provincial fruit – the wild blueberry.

Minister’s First Agriculture Conference


Bringing industry together to discover opportunities to grow Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector is the purpose of the first Agriculture Minister’s Conference, to be held in Halifax, March 3 and 4.

Investments in Wild Blueberries Support Industry Growth


Nova Scotia’s wild blueberry products are enjoyed around the world and the industry has potential for more growth. With support from the province, wild blueberry producers will develop new products and packaging that add value to their products, to help open new markets.

New Bursary Helps Students Learn About Agriculture Careers


Nova Scotia students interested in agriculture can now apply for a new bursary that will help them learn more about the sector.

Investment will Help Christmas Tree Growers


Nova Scotia’s Christmas tree growers will benefit from funding to strengthen their industry and help explore new export markets.

Funding Available to Farmers Affected by June Frost


Farmers who suffered financial losses from severe frost last June, will now have access to funding to help them recover and prepare for the upcoming harvest season.