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Plus de gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse admissibles au vaccin contre le méningocoque B

Health and Wellness

Le gouvernement provincial offre gratuitement le vaccin contre le méningocoque B aux jeunes de la Nouvelle-Écosse qui habiteront pour la première fois dans un lieu de vie collectif comme une résidence universitaire.

More Nova Scotians Eligible for Meningococcal B Vaccine

Health and Wellness

The Province is offering the meningococcal B vaccine for free to young Nova Scotians who will be living in a group setting such as a university residence for the first time.

Government Pilots Travel Assistance Program for Surgical Patients

Health and Wellness

Some Nova Scotians who need to go to other parts of the province for surgery will soon have support for travel and accommodation.

Mise à jour sur l'intervention de la Nouvelle-Écosse relative à la COVID-19

COVID - 19 / Health and Wellness

Puisque l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé affirme que la COVID-19 n'exige plus une intervention d'urgence à l'échelle mondiale, la Nouvelle-Écosse change son approche pour la gestion du virus.

Update to Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 Response

COVID - 19 / Health and Wellness

With the World Health Organization saying COVID-19 no longer requires a global emergency-type response, Nova Scotia is changing its approach to managing the virus.

Surgical Wait List Reduced, More Surgeries, Procedures Done Last Year

Health and Wellness

Surgical and specialist teams across the province are making progress in reducing the wait list for surgery, completing thousands more operations and procedures last year than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physician Recruitment Remains Strong in Nova Scotia

Health and Wellness

The number of doctors in Nova Scotia continues to grow and more new doctors are caring for Nova Scotians. There were 168 doctors who started practising in Nova Scotia from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Nova Scotia Health hired 155 doctors and the IWK Health hired 13 doctors during the last year. The net gain is 86 physicians.

Construction Set to Begin on QEII’s Halifax Infirmary Site

Health and Wellness / Public Works

Construction is about to begin on a new hospital that will help deliver the healthcare that all Nova Scotians deserve.

Province Invests in Training More Nurses

Premier's Office / Health and Wellness / Advanced Education

Anyone interested in becoming a nurse in Nova Scotia will have more options as the Province is increasing the number of nursing seats across the province, with many opening this fall.

New and Expanded Primary Healthcare Clinics Boost Access Across the Province

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotians deserve to be able to see a doctor, nurse and other healthcare providers in their communities more easily.

Nurses Return to Nova Scotia’s Healthcare System

Health and Wellness

More than 140 nurses have signed on to return to Nova Scotia’s publicly funded healthcare system.

New Online Service for Accessing Vaccination Records

Health and Wellness

A new service will allow most people with a Nova Scotia health card to access their vaccination records online – a faster, easier way to retrieve important healthcare information.

Vaccin contre la mpox maintenant offert dans les cabinets de médecin et les cliniques communautaires de soins primaires en pharmacie

Health and Wellness

Les gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse admissibles à la vaccination préexposition contre la mpox (autrefois appelée variole simienne) auront un meilleur accès au vaccin puisque le programme s’étend aux cabinets de médecin et aux pharmacies participant au programme de cliniques communautaires de soins primaires en pharmacie.

Mpox Vaccine Now at Physician Offices, Community Pharmacy Primary Care Clinics

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotians eligible for pre-exposure vaccination against mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) will have better access to vaccine as the program expands to physician offices and pharmacies participating in the Community Pharmacy Primary Care Clinic program.

Primary Care Available in More Pharmacies in May

Health and Wellness

More Nova Scotians will soon be able to access primary care at their local pharmacy.

New Healthcare Initiative a First in Atlantic Canada

Health and Wellness / Community Services

The Province will open a first-of-its-kind clinic in Atlantic Canada to help reduce visits to emergency departments and walk-in clinics and decrease the length of hospital stays by people experiencing homelessness.

More Information, Better Access to Need a Family Practice Data

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotians will now be able to get more information more easily about access to primary healthcare.

Province Training more Medical Laboratory Technologists Through Innovative Partnership

Advanced Education / Health and Wellness

The Province continues to move quickly to train more people for high-demand healthcare jobs across Nova Scotia.

Fertility and Surrogacy Tax Credit Program Opens

Finance and Treasury Board / Health and Wellness

Nova Scotians who have paid for fertility care and surrogacy to expand their families can now apply for a new tax credit to help offset the cost.

Improving Care for Transgender, Gender-Diverse and Intersex Nova Scotians

Health and Wellness

The Province is working to improve healthcare for people, including transgender Nova Scotians, who have struggled to get the supportive healthcare they need.