News releases from Labour and Advanced Education (Page 1)

Government Reducing Regulatory Burden for Universities

Labour and Advanced Education

Universities play an important role in Nova Scotia’s economic growth. As they continue to advance education and research across the province, government wants to ensure their operational needs are supported and regulatory burdens are reduced.

Government Addressing Gender Wage Gap

Labour and Advanced Education

Nova Scotians deserve the opportunity to grow and thrive in workplaces that value fairness and equality. That is why government is taking action to address the gender wage gap.

Province Enhancing Job Protections for Reservists

Labour and Advanced Education

Canadian Armed Forces reservists make significant sacrifices to help serve and protect the country. The province is taking steps to improve their job protection when they take leave from work to serve our country.

Government Announces Largest Increase to Minimum Wage in a Decade

Premier's Office / Labour and Advanced Education

As Nova Scotia’s economy continues to grow, government is committed to ensuring all workers can get ahead. That is why, on April 1, Nova Scotia’s minimum wage rate will increase by $1 an hour, to $12.55 per hour.

Soutien accru en santé mentale pour les étudiants du postsecondaire

Labour and Advanced Education

Les étudiants du postsecondaire ont maintenant plus facilement accès à des services de santé mentale grâce au lancement du site Web EspritsSainsN-É.

More Mental Health Support for Post-secondary Students

Labour and Advanced Education

Post-secondary students now have easier access to mental health supports with the launch of the HealthyMindsNS website.

Families Celebrate Life-long Learning

Labour and Advanced Education

The importance of reading and learning as a family are being celebrated this Family Literacy Day.

Retraining for Workers Across Forestry Sector

Labour and Advanced Education

Government is creating new training paths in response to concerns from workers affected by the pending closure of the Northern Pulp mill who say they want to stay in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency and Nova Scotia Community College are working together to enhance programming to connect these workers to opportunities in the skilled trades.

Priorité à la sécurité en ce début de saison de la pêche au homard

Labour and Advanced Education

La saison de la pêche au homard commence dans le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse et on rappelle aux équipages de pêche de donner la priorité à la sécurité.

Safety is a Priority as Lobster Season Starts

Labour and Advanced Education

As lobster season begins in southwestern Nova Scotia, fishing crews are reminded to make safety a priority.

Province Adds More Early Childhood Education Seats

Labour and Advanced Education / Education and Early Childhood Development

The creation of the Nova Scotia Pre-primary Program and investments in the regulated child care sector has created hundreds of new jobs for early childhood educators across the province.

1,000th Graduate Connects to Career

Labour and Advanced Education

Employers across the province are discovering how hiring skilled young workers can benefit their business through the Graduate to Opportunity program.

Sexual Violence Prevention Grants Support

Labour and Advanced Education

Students deserve to live and learn in an environment free from sexual violence. That is why projects are advancing to shape safer and more supportive post-secondary campuses.

Amendments Support Volunteer Firefighters

Labour and Advanced Education

Firefighters help keep Nova Scotians safe every day, putting their own health and safety at risk. That is why government is ensuring all volunteer firefighters have access to Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) injury insurance coverage.

First All-Indigenous Class Graduates from Atlantic Trades Business Seal Program

Labour and Advanced Education

Nova Scotia’s first all-Indigenous and all-journeypersons class has graduated from the Atlantic Trades Business Seal program.

Committee Releases Guidelines for Sexual Violence Prevention on Campuses

Labour and Advanced Education

Students deserve to feel safe on university and college campuses in the province. That is why work is advancing to support a change in the culture and strong survivor-centric sexual violence policies.

Publication de lignes directrices pour la prévention de la violence sexuelle sur les campus

Labour and Advanced Education

Les étudiants et les étudiantes méritent de se sentir en sécurité sur les campus universitaires et collégiaux de la province. C'est pourquoi le travail se poursuit à l'appui d'un changement de culture et de la mise en place de politiques robustes axées sur les victimes de violence sexuelle.

Excellence in Literacy Recognized

Labour and Advanced Education

Danita Curwin is setting a positive example for her grandchildren, while making a difference in the Porters Lake community.

Emergency Order Issued for Crane Removal

Emergency Management Office / Labour and Advanced Education

Under the authority of the Emergency Management Act, the province has declared a localized state of emergency to ensure the safe removal of the crane at a building on South Park Street in Halifax.

Ordonnance d'urgence pour l'enlèvement de la grue

Emergency Management Office / Labour and Advanced Education

En vertu de la loi sur la gestion des urgences (Emergency Management Act), le gouvernement provincial a déclaré un état d'urgence localisé pour assurer l'enlèvement de la grue qui est tombée sur un édifice sur la rue South Park, à Halifax.