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Province Announces Members of Panel on Housing

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Former cabinet minister Geoff MacLellan will chair the panel on housing in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), a joint planning task force created this fall to address housing challenges in the capital region. The Province made the announcement today, November 25.

Province Invests in Affordable Housing, Community Housing, Shelters

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Nova Scotians need and deserve safe, affordable places to call home. On National Housing Day, today, November 22, the Province announced a $6.4 million investment to build about 200 new affordable rental units in Kentville, Lantz, Halifax and Cole Harbour.

Veterans, Families to Save Money on Rent

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Veterans and families caring for a child with a severe mental or physical disability will soon save on their public housing rent costs.

37 Projects Approved for Beautification and Community Works Programs

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Two provincial programs will help municipalities create beautiful, inviting spaces and provide opportunities for individuals to work within their communities.

Legislation Supports Housing Plan, Capping Rent Increases, Addressing Supply

Municipal Affairs and Housing / Public Works / Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services

Nova Scotians need a safe, affordable place to call home. The housing crisis affects individuals, families and communities every day. The Province is committed to addressing the housing crisis, and today, October 28, it is introducing three pieces of legislation to support the housing plan announced last week.

Project Funding to Address Flood Risk and Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Sixteen municipal projects will receive funding to help mitigate flood risk and support municipal infrastructure, including $781,316 for 11 projects under the Provincial Capital Assistance Program and $231,839 for five projects under the Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program.

More Planning Powers for Municipal Governments

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Municipalities need the flexibility to improve incentives and remove barriers to building affordable housing in their communities, where it is needed most.

Government to Create Over 1,100 New Affordable Housing Units

Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Province will spend nearly $35 million to support over 1,100 new affordable housing units in communities throughout Nova Scotia and make 425 new rent supplements available immediately.

Province Takes Action to Increase Housing, Protect Tenants

Municipal Affairs and Housing / Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services

Affordable, safe housing is crucial for a healthy society, quality of life, attracting new residents, social equity and growing the economy. Nova Scotia needs to build more housing and the Province is taking steps to get more homes built quickly.

Province Supports Emergency Services Providers

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Ground search and rescue, volunteer fire departments and other emergency services provider groups will get more than $1.14 million from the province to buy equipment that will help them save lives.

More Support for Communities Across Nova Scotia

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Municipalities will receive an additional $32 million from the province to help pay for crucial services for Nova Scotians.

Province Supports Four Affordable Housing Developments, Low-Income Home Repairs

Municipal Affairs and Housing

The province is making further investments to support Nova Scotians who are struggling to afford the places they call home and continues working with other levels of government and developers to find solutions.

Land Transfer Will Help Create Affordable Accessible Housing in Windsor

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Seniors and people with disabilities are looking for more options for affordable and accessible housing in the Windsor area. That’s why the province has transferred more than 9.3 hectares (23 acres) of unused land to Dykeland Lodge.

Province Supports Municipal Collaboration

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Nova Scotians want to live in communities that are vibrant and sustainable, and more collaboration between local governments can help make the places we call home stronger. That is why the province is investing in municipal efforts to work together in new ways more frequently.

Commission Gathering Public Comments on Affordable Housing

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Finding and keeping an affordable home is a struggle for too many Nova Scotians, and no one person or plan will be able to address this complex situation. That is why the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission wants to hear from people and organizations across the province that want to help.

Province Supports Affordable Housing Projects in Halifax Regional Municipality

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Having a safe and affordable place to call home is a struggle for too many Nova Scotians. That’s why the provincial, federal and municipal governments are supporting the creation of more than 50 new affordable housing units in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Province Adds Beds for Homeless in Halifax

Municipal Affairs and Housing / COVID - 19

Too many people do not have a place to call home and the COVID-19 pandemic is making their situation even worse. Public health protocols such as physical distancing mean fewer beds are available at a time when more people need them. That’s why the province is taking further steps to address homelessness in Halifax.

Province Creates Protections for Renters, More Beds for Homeless

Municipal Affairs and Housing / Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services / COVID - 19

Too many Nova Scotians are struggling to afford the place they call home, creating additional health and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic and state of emergency. That’s why the province is taking steps to protect renters in all parts of the province from excessive rent increases and renovictions while it works on longer term solutions.

COVID-19 Support for Municipalities

Municipal Affairs and Housing / COVID - 19

Nova Scotians count on local governments to provide essential programs and services. That is why the province and the federal government are making sure municipalities have the resources they need during the pandemic.

Nova Scotia Municipal Elections Successfully Completed, Op-ed

Municipal Affairs and Housing

As Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, I want to congratulate everyone who participated in this year’s municipal elections and I am grateful to everyone who took the time to vote.