News releases from L'nu Affairs

Heritage Day Honours Rita Joe

Lieutenant-Governor / Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage / L'nu Affairs

Mi’kmaw poet Rita Joe will be honoured on Heritage Day, Monday, February 20.

New Children’s Book Shines Light on Honour Song

L'nu Affairs

The Province and treaty education partners have worked together to develop a new children’s book about the Honour Song and its spiritual importance to Mi’kmaq.

36th Annual Treaty Day, Op-Ed

L'nu Affairs

Treaties are living documents that set out long-standing promises, mutual obligations, and benefits for the signing parties. The Peace and Friendship treaties between the Crown and Mi’kmaq signed in the 1700s continue to act as a foundation for our connection to one another. They help build meaningful relationships based on co-operation, understanding and respect.

Treaty Day Events Postponed

Hurricane Fiona / L'nu Affairs

This year’s Treaty Day celebration, scheduled for Monday, October 3, in Halifax, has been postponed due to the continuing impacts of hurricane Fiona.

Minister’s Statement on National Truth and Reconciliation Week

L'nu Affairs

September 26-30 is Truth and Reconciliation Week in Canada, a time to reflect on the legacy of residential schools and honour residential school survivors, their families and communities.

Investments in Mi’kmaw Centre for Healing and Resilience

Status of Women / L'nu Affairs

The governments of Nova Scotia and Canada are investing more than $8 million to support the construction of the new Resilience Centre in Millbrook First Nation.

Minister’s Statement on Mi’kmaw Summer Games

L'nu Affairs

On Sunday, community members and participants will gather in Potlotek, Richmond County, for the opening ceremonies of the Mi’kmaw Summer Games.

Minister’s Statement on National Indigenous Peoples Day

L'nu Affairs

Today, June 21, is National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to appreciate and celebrate the rich traditions and varied customs of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people throughout Canada.

Legislation Enshrines Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s First Language

L'nu Affairs

Legislation introduced today, April 7, recognizes Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s first language and will support efforts to preserve and promote it now and for future generations.

Minister's Statement on the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

Community Services / L'nu Affairs

I am deeply saddened by the decision of the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre to close the North Park Street shelter on December 31. The centre remains a valuable partner.

New Exhibit Explores Mi’kmaq Connection to Land and Sea

Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage / L'nu Affairs

Nova Scotians can learn more about the experiences of Mi’kmaw communities through a new exhibit, featuring Mi’kmaw historian and guest curator Salina Kemp, at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax.

Spring Legislation will Enshrine Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s First Language

L'nu Affairs / Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage

Mi’kmaq is Nova Scotia’s first language and legislation next spring will help preserve, revitalize and promote it.

Treaty Day Honours Relationship with Mi’kmaq

L'nu Affairs

The Province is marking its 35th annual Treaty Day today, October 1, by celebrating the many contributions of the Mi’kmaq and recognizing the significance of Nova Scotia’s relationship with Mi’kmaq people.

New Sign at Canso Causeway Welcomes Motorists to Unama’kik

L'nu Affairs

In recognition of Mi’kmaq people, language and the significant geographical location, motorists travelling across the Canso causeway will be welcomed by a new sign in Mi’kmaq, Pjila’si Unama’kik.