News releases from Labour, Skills and Immigration (Page 1)

Immigration Changes Help Retain Healthcare Workers

Health and Wellness / Labour, Skills and Immigration

International students in more Nova Scotia healthcare programs will have an additional opportunity to build a career, life and future in the province.

Minister’s Labour Day Message

Labour, Skills and Immigration

As we prepare to mark Labour Day 2023, I want to encourage Nova Scotians to take the time to remember what it was like to be a new employee. Whether you’ve been in your job for three years or 30, you probably remember feeling both nervous and excited in those first few months.

New Sick Note Rules Effective July 1

Health and Wellness / Labour, Skills and Immigration

Doctors will have more time to take care of their patients as the Province’s new rules for sick notes come into force.

Applications Open for Emergency Relief Grant for Individuals

Premier's Office / Labour, Skills and Immigration

Nova Scotians who lost income because of the recent wildfires in Halifax Regional Municipality and Shelburne County may be eligible for short-term financial support through the Emergency Relief Grant for Individuals.

Statement on Auditor General’s Report on Island Employment Association

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Today, the Auditor General’s Office released its report on Island Employment, a service provider contracted by the government to deliver employment services to the local community.

Workplace Safety Information App Now Available

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Nova Scotians now have a new, easy way to access workplace safety information online.

Nova Scotians Honour Workers and Families on Day of Mourning

Labour, Skills and Immigration / Workers' Compensation Board

Nova Scotians come together annually on April 28 to remember those who have died or were injured because of a workplace accident or work-related illness, as part of the National Day of Mourning.

More Opportunity For Skilled Trades Refund Program Opens

Finance and Treasury Board / Labour, Skills and Immigration

Young Nova Scotians can now apply for the More Opportunity for Skilled Trades (MOST) provincial income tax refund.

Amendments to Construction Projects Labour Relations Act

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Amendments to the Construction Projects Labour Relations Act introduced today, March 22, will broaden the legislation to include large-scale green hydrogen production facilities as Nova Scotia transitions to renewable energy.

Another Recording-Breaking Year in Nova Scotia Population Growth, Op-ed

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Nova Scotia is a province on the move with another record-breaking year for immigration and population growth.

Province Accepts Faster Path to $15 Minimum Wage

Labour, Skills and Immigration

The Province has accepted the recommendations from the Minimum Wage Review Committee, which include setting the minimum wage at $15 an hour on October 1, six months sooner than scheduled.

Annual Review Submitted by Minimum Wage Review Committee

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Nova Scotia’s Minimum Wage Review Committee has submitted its report with recommendations on the minimum wage rate, proposing a faster path to reaching $15 per hour.

Healthcare Workers Coming to Nova Scotia from Kenya

Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment / Labour, Skills and Immigration

More continuing care assistants will soon be moving to Nova Scotia to work, the result of a recent recruiting trip to Kenya.

New Orientation Program to Welcome 140 Doctors

Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment / Labour, Skills and Immigration

A new orientation program that will help welcome and settle 140 doctors trained outside of Canada over the next three years will soon launch in Nova Scotia.

Government Urges Safety as Southwestern Lobster Season Starts

Fisheries and Aquaculture / Labour, Skills and Immigration

Lobster fishing season begins Monday, November 28, in Southwestern Nova Scotia. Dumping Day, as it is known in lobster fishing areas 33 and 34, brings excitement and opportunity – but also great risk.

Province Accepts Auditor General Recommendations on Immigration, Population Growth

Labour, Skills and Immigration

As more people than ever before immigrate to Nova Scotia, the government is strengthening its programs and procedures to better meet the needs of newcomers and employers.

Lancement d'un nouveau plan d'action pour l'immigration francophone

Acadian Affairs and Francophonie / Labour, Skills and Immigration

Aujourd'hui 7 novembre, la Province souligne la Semaine nationale de l'immigration francophone par la publication d'un nouveau plan d'action qui orientera la croissance de la population francophone de la Nouvelle-Écosse.

New Francophone Immigration Action Plan Launched

Labour, Skills and Immigration / Acadian Affairs and Francophonie

Today, November 7, the Province is marking National Francophone Immigration Week with the release of a new action plan to guide Nova Scotia’s French-speaking population growth.

Amendments Create Leave for People Experiencing End of Pregnancy

Labour, Skills and Immigration

Amendments to the Labour Standards Code introduced today, October 14, will ensure an employee who experiences the end of a pregnancy can take a protected leave from work.

Inspectors On-site as Donkin Coal Mine Resumes Operations

Labour, Skills and Immigration / Environment and Climate Change

Inspectors with the occupational health and safety team were on-site to inspect Donkin Coal Mine in Cape Breton as it resumed coal mining operations on Tuesday, September 13, part of the Province’s ongoing safety oversight at the mine.