News releases from Advanced Education

Easier Path for LPNs to become Registered Nurses

Health and Wellness / Advanced Education

More licensed practical nurses (LPNs) can now further their education to become registered nurses (RNs) more quickly in Nova Scotia.

More Medical School Seats to Train Rural Doctors

Premier's Office / Health and Wellness / Advanced Education

The Province is partnering with post-secondary institutions to train more rural family doctors.

Investissements pour l'infrastructure, la recherche et les soins de santé dans les universités rurales

Advanced Education

Le gouvernement investit 105 millions de dollars pour améliorer l'infrastructure, favoriser la recherche et améliorer les soins de santé et la formation dans les universités rurales de la province.

Infrastructure, Research and Healthcare Investments in Rural Universities

Advanced Education

The government is investing $105 million to improve infrastructure, foster research and enhance healthcare and training at the province’s rural universities.

Enhanced Funding for Research and Innovation

Advanced Education

The government is adding $25 million to the Research Opportunities Fund to invest in more research and innovation happening across Nova Scotia.

COVID-19 Grant to Help Eligible Post-Secondary Students

Advanced Education

Thousands of eligible post-secondary students will receive a one-time COVID-19 grant of $875 to help them pay their bills.

Province Innovating to Train Healthcare Workers Faster

Advanced Education / Health and Wellness

The Province is moving quickly to train more students for high-demand healthcare jobs across Nova Scotia.

Healthcare Students and Instructors to Support Long-term Care and Acute-Care Sectors

Advanced Education / Seniors and Long-Term Care / COVID - 19

Post-secondary leaders, healthcare students and instructors are stepping up to support long-term care and acute-care patients and residents.

Expanded Access to Mental Health Supports Helps More Post-Secondary Students, Apprentices

Advanced Education / Office of Addictions and Mental Health

Recognizing that good mental health is an essential part of overall health, the Province is expanding access to e-health resource Togetherall to all of Nova Scotia’s post-secondary students and apprentices.