News releases from Premier's Office (Page 1)

Demande de prolongation de l'état d'urgence

Premier's Office

Les membres du Cabinet se sont rencontrés par téléconférence, aujourd'hui 2 avril, et ont convenu de demander au lieutenant-gouverneur de prolonger l'état d'urgence pendant deux semaines supplémentaires. L'ordonnance serait en vigueur du dimanche 5 avril à midi au dimanche 19 avril à midi.

Request to Extend State of Emergency

Premier's Office

Cabinet met today, April 2, by teleconference and agreed to ask the lieutenant governor to extend the state of emergency for another two weeks. The order would take effect at noon Sunday, April 5 and extend to noon, April 19.

New Deputy Minister of Justice

Premier's Office

Candace Thomas has been appointed the new deputy minister of Justice, replacing Karen Hudson who retires on April 30. Ms. Thomas will also serve as deputy minister of the new Office of Social Innovation and Integrative Approaches, established in the 2020-21 budget.

État d'urgence déclaré en réaction à la COVID-19, sept nouveaux cas

Premier's Office / COVID - 19

Aujourd'hui 22 mars, la Nouvelle-Écosse a déclaré un état d'urgence provincial pour contribuer à réduire la propagation de la COVID-19. Les gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse ne doivent pas sortir de la province et doivent seulement quitter leur logement pour obtenir des articles et services essentiels.

State of Emergency Declared in Response to COVID-19, Seven New Cases

Premier's Office / COVID - 19

Today, March 22, Nova Scotia declared a provincial state of emergency to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Nova Scotians should not leave the province and only leave home for essential items and services.

Nouvelles mesures imposées aux employés de la fonction publique qui voyagent

Premier's Office / Health and Wellness / COVID - 19

Les employés de la fonction publique qui ont voyagé à l'extérieur du Canada, y compris aux États-Unis, devront se mettre en auto-isolement à leur retour. Le gouvernement a imposé ces nouvelles mesures aujourd'hui 13 mars afin de réduire la propagation du nouveau coronavirus (COVID-19) dans la province.

New Travel Measures for Nova Scotia Public Sector Employees

Premier's Office / Health and Wellness / COVID - 19

Public sector employees who travel outside of Canada, including the United States, will be required to self-isolate upon their return. Government introduced the travel protocols today, March 13, to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the province.

Legislative Session Wraps With Focus on Helping Those Who Need It Most

Premier's Office

Government is squarely focused on helping those Nova Scotians who need it most.

Celebrating Social Enterprises that Employ Adults with Diverse Abilities

Premier's Office / Community Services

All Nova Scotians deserve the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Social enterprises across the province are helping adults with diverse abilities reach that full potential through programming and employment opportunities.

Government Invests in Corridor Community Options

Premier's Office / Community Services

Corridor Community Options, in Enfield, will soon have a new, larger, more accessible building, allowing more people with diverse abilities to participate in specialized day programs.

Legislature Resumes Sitting

Premier's Office

All Nova Scotians deserve to see benefits from the province’s growing economy and the collective effort to get government’s finances in order.

New Rebate for Investments in Forestry Operations

Premier's Office / Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Adopting new technology and approaches will help Nova Scotia’s forestry sector become a more competitive and sustainable sector. Government is launching the Forestry Innovation Rebate Program today, Feb. 19, for forestry companies that invest in their operations to grow, diversify and increase competitiveness in global markets.

Premier Announces Byelections

Premier's Office

Premier Stephen McNeil announced today, Feb. 6, that byelections will be held in the constituencies of Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River and Cape Breton Centre on Tuesday, March 10.

Details of Financing Program for Forestry Contractors

Premier's Office

Forestry contractors affected by the closure of the Northern Pulp mill can apply for short-term repayable financing, starting Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Call for 2020 Medal of Bravery Nominations

Premier's Office / Justice

The province is seeking nominations for the 2020 Medal of Bravery.

Government Announces Largest Increase to Minimum Wage in a Decade

Premier's Office / Labour and Advanced Education

As Nova Scotia’s economy continues to grow, government is committed to ensuring all workers can get ahead. That is why, on April 1, Nova Scotia’s minimum wage rate will increase by $1 an hour, to $12.55 per hour.

Forestry Contractors Financing Program Available Soon

Premier's Office

Government is working with credit unions to offer short-term repayable financing for forestry contractors affected by the pending closure of the Northern Pulp mill.

New Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness Appointed

Premier's Office

Dr. Kevin Orrell has been appointed deputy minister of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

Emotional Support Line Open for Forestry Sector, Public

Premier's Office / Intergovernmental Affairs

A confidential, toll-free line is now open to help anyone in need of emotional support as a result of the pending closure of the Northern Pulp mill. Government is partnering with Morneau Shepell to deliver the service.

Information Sessions Planned for Forestry Sector

Premier's Office

Workers and business owners affected by the announced closure of Northern Pulp will have access to information that will help them make decisions about their future.