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Mesures visant à aider les personnes vulnérables en Nouvelle-Écosse

Community Services / Seniors / Health and Wellness / COVID - 19

Le premier ministre Stephen McNeil, Kelly Regan, ministre des Services communautaires, et le docteur Robert Strang, médecin-hygiéniste en chef, ont annoncé aujourd'hui 19 mars des mesures pour aider les personnes vulnérables de la province et pour réduire davantage la propagation de la COVID-19 dans la province.

Measures to Help Vulnerable Nova Scotians

Health and Wellness / Community Services / Seniors / COVID - 19

Premier Stephen McNeil, Community Services Minister Kelly Regan and Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, announced today, March 19, measures to help vulnerable Nova Scotians and to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the province.

Investments to Help Fight Homelessness and Provide Affordable Housing

Community Services / Municipal Affairs and Housing

The quality of life for Nova Scotians greatly depends on access to safe and affordable housing. That is why government is investing hundreds of millions to fight homelessness, provide affordable housing and raise the income level of those who need it most.

Celebrating Social Enterprises that Employ Adults with Diverse Abilities

Premier's Office / Community Services

All Nova Scotians deserve the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Social enterprises across the province are helping adults with diverse abilities reach that full potential through programming and employment opportunities.

Government Invests in Corridor Community Options

Premier's Office / Community Services

Corridor Community Options, in Enfield, will soon have a new, larger, more accessible building, allowing more people with diverse abilities to participate in specialized day programs.

Provincial Approach to Address Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation

Community Services / Justice

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are devastating to victims and survivors, families and entire communities.

Province Supports Horizon Achievement Centre in Sydney, to Expand Employment Opportunities

Community Services

Building a stronger Nova Scotia where everyone can grow and succeed means all people should have the opportunity to live active lives and contribute to their communities.

Province Helps Non-Profit Rebuild, Expand After Fire

Community Services

All Nova Scotians deserve the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. That is why the province is investing $1 million to help Haley Street Adult Services Centre in North Sydney rebuild and expand programs for adults with diverse abilities.

More Training Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, Barriers to Employment

Community Services

With government support of $500,000, the Flower Cart Group in New Minas will help more persons with diverse abilities access employment training.

Le sondage au sujet des dossiers d'adoption est toujours en ligne

Community Services

Les gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse qui souhaitent exprimer leur opinion au sujet des dossiers d'adoption peuvent répondre au sondage en ligne jusqu'au 3 janvier.

Online Survey on Adoption Records Still Open

Community Services

Nova Scotians who would like to voice their opinion about adoption records have until Jan. 3 to complete the online survey.

More Support for Income Assistance Clients

Community Services

All Nova Scotians deserve a chance to build a better life for themselves and their families. That is why Nova Scotians living on low incomes will get more financial support in 2020.

Emplacements et dates des consultations sur l'ouverture des dossiers d'adoption

Community Services

Des séances d'information sur les dossiers d'adoption auront lieu en novembre et en décembre dans le but d'obtenir l'opinion des gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse sur l'ouverture des dossiers d'adoption.

Locations and Dates Announced for Consultations on Open Adoption Records

Community Services

Community information sessions on adoption records will be held in November and December to ask Nova Scotians what they think about open adoption records.

Sondage en ligne au sujet des dossiers d'adoption

Community Services

Le gouvernement a lancé un sondage en ligne pour demander l'opinion des gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse au sujet des dossiers d'adoption ouverts.

Online Survey Now Open for Adoption Records

Community Services

Government has launched an online survey to ask Nova Scotians what they think about open adoption records.

Applications Open for Building Vibrant Communities Grants

Community Services / Communities, Culture and Heritage

A grant program that opens today, Oct. 1, will strengthen community programs and services that help Nova Scotians struggling to make ends meet.

Government Invests in Dartmouth Food and Family Centres

Community Services / Communities, Culture and Heritage

The Dartmouth Family Centre will soon be located next to the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre, allowing more people to access family programs and healthy eating.

Wage Exemption for More Income Assistance Clients

Community Services

With changes to wage exemption rules, clients receiving income assistance who are self-employed or who receive tips, gratuities and commissions, will now have more money in their pockets. As of May 1st, people are able to keep more of this income before seeing a reduction in their income assistance payments.

Grant Program Helps Businesses Become More Accessible

Communities, Culture and Heritage / Justice / Community Services

Government is partnering with businesses across Nova Scotia to make locations, products and services more accessible.