News releases issued in the past week

Tax Relief for Low- and Middle-income Nova Scotians

Finance and Treasury Board / Premier's Office

More than 500,000 low- and middle-income Nova Scotians are receiving tax relief because of tax changes that came into effect Jan. 1.

2017 a Year of Firsts for Nova Scotia

Premier's Office

This has been a year of impressive records and firsts in Nova Scotia.

Another Big Year for Immigration


This year, Nova Scotia welcomed more than 4,000 newcomers and nominated its highest number of immigrants ever through the Provincial Nominee Program.

This Year’s Most Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia

Service Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians favoured the same two baby names in 2017 as last year: Olivia and William. According to Nova Scotia's Registry of Vital Statistics, as of Dec. 28, Nova Scotia welcomed 53 babies named Olivia and 60 named William.

Inquiry Recommended into the Deaths of Lionel Desmond and his Family


Dr. Matt Bowes, Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Examiner, today, Dec. 28, recommended an inquiry into the deaths of Lionel Desmond and his family under the Fatality Investigations Act.

Sowing Opportunities for Growth: Pilot Agricultural Project

Community Services

For Robert Bedard of Scotian Gold in Coldbrook, Kings Co., it was a win-win opportunity he couldn’t pass up: the chance to train students to work in the agricultural field and have them as dedicated employees for five weeks, all with help from the province to pay their salaries.