News releases from Health and Wellness issued in the specified time period (Page 11)

More Spaces for Early Intensive Behavioural Analysis Program

Health and Wellness

Children with autism preparing to start school in 2016 at age six will benefit from the Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention program.

Amendments to Dental Act Introduced

Health and Wellness

Amendments to the Dental Act will give the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia options to include conditions and restrictions when licensing new dentists.

Audiology, Speech-language Pathology Act Introduced

Health and Wellness

Government introduced legislation today, April 15, requiring more than 300 audiologists and speech-language pathologists to be members of a new self-regulatory body.

Government Enhances Support to Help Seniors Live Well in Their Homes

Health and Wellness / Seniors

Government is making a number of investments this year to help more seniors stay in their homes longer and remain independent.

The Gift of Life, Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, Op-ed

Health and Wellness

A little over four years ago, I got a birthday present that saved my life -- and it came from a complete stranger.

Paramedics to Provide In-home Support for Palliative Care Patients

Health and Wellness

Palliative patients in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will soon be able to get more support from paramedics for pain and symptom management, at home.

Amendments to Health Authorities Act Reflect Labour Relations Agreement

Health and Wellness

Government has introduced amendments to the Health Authorities Act allowing four councils of unions to negotiate on behalf of health-care workers within the new Nova Scotia Health Authority and at the IWK.

Nurse Practitioners Soon Able to Discharge Patients from Hospitals

Health and Wellness

Government has amended the Hospitals Act to allow nurse practitioners to discharge patients from hospitals.

Gambling Support Network Launched

Health and Wellness

The province is rolling out a new Gambling Support Network and Take 5 awareness campaign.

Government, Unions Reach Health-Care Labour Relations Agreement

Health and Wellness

Government and the four unions involved in health care have reached an agreement today, March 13.

Grants Help Encourage Healthy Eating

Health and Wellness

The Truro Campus of Nova Scotia Community College is one of 17 publicly funded institutions receiving grants to help people eat healthy food.

Kidney Health for All, Op-ed

Health and Wellness

The steps you take to keep your kidneys healthy will help keep the rest of your body healthy, too.

Membres proposés du conseil de la régie provinciale de la santé

Health and Wellness

On a demandé à un groupe de professionnels chevronnés de partout dans la province de diriger la nouvelle régie de la santé de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Proposed Nova Scotia Health Authority Board Announced

Health and Wellness

A group of experienced professionals from across the province have been asked to lead the new Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Government Will Introduce Legislation to Determine Health-care Representation

Health and Wellness

Arbitrator James Dorsey has failed to make a decision about union representation in the acute-care system.

New Drug Education Curriculum Resources Introduced for Junior High Schools

Education and Early Childhood Development / Health and Wellness

Junior high school students now have access to new drug and alcohol prevention curriculum resources.

Nouvelles ressources éducatives sur les drogues pour les élèves du premier cycle du secondaire

Health and Wellness / Education and Early Childhood Development

Les élèves du premier cycle du secondaire ont maintenant accès à de nouvelles ressources éducatives sur la prévention de l'abus des drogues et de l'alcool.

Changes to Long-Term Care Policies will Improve Access to Care

Health and Wellness

Changes to long-term care policies will ensure more timely access and make better use of the province's long-term care beds for those with the greatest need.

Vaccins contre la méningite B à l'Université Acadia

Health and Wellness

Le Dr Robert Strang, administrateur en chef de la santé publique, a confirmé aujourd'hui 13 février que le deuxième cas de méningite à méningocoques à l'Université Acadia était également de la souche B, et qu'un programme de vaccination sur le campus débutera dès le mercredi 18 février.

Meningitis B Vaccinations for Acadia

Health and Wellness

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Strang confirmed today, Feb. 13, that the second Acadia University student with meningococcal meningitis has the B strain of the disease, and an on-campus vaccination program will begin Wednesday, Feb. 18.