News releases from Health and Wellness issued in the specified time period (Page 11)

National Program to Help Hard-to-Match Transplant Patients

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotians whose immune systems are more likely to reject a transplanted kidney will have a better chance of getting a successful transplant through a new national program.

Sexual Assault Team to be Located in Sydney

Health and Wellness

Sydney will be the location of a new team of sexual assault nurse examiners.

High Blood Pressure and People of African Descent, Op-ed

Health and Wellness

High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

Strategy, Education Changes to Better Support Nurses

Health and Wellness / Labour and Advanced Education

A new nursing strategy and an improved undergraduate nursing education program will help Nova Scotia attract and keep the nurses it needs well into the future.

Mai est le Mois de la sensibilisation à la maladie de Lyme

Health and Wellness

Mai est le Mois de la sensibilisation à la maladie de Lyme, et on encourage tout le monde à profiter des activités de plein air en toute sécurité en apprenant comment éviter les tiques à pattes noires, qui peuvent causer la maladie.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Health and Wellness

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and everyone is encouraged to enjoy the outdoors safely by learning to avoid the blacklegged tick bites that can cause the disease.

Renovations to Begin at Dartmouth General Hospital

Health and Wellness

Renovations at Dartmouth General Hospital are about to begin.

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program Reduces Incidences of Drunk Driving

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal / Health and Wellness

Nova Scotia's Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program (AIIP) is keeping Nova Scotians safer from drunk drivers.

Quality Improvement Information Protection Act Introduced

Health and Wellness

Government introduced legislation today, April 21, to give the existing legal protection for patient safety and quality review information to the Department of Health and Wellness.

Legislation Introduced to Ban Flavoured Tobacco

Health and Wellness

Legislation introduced today, April 17, will ban the sale of flavoured tobacco in Nova Scotia, including menthol, with minor exceptions.

More Spaces for Early Intensive Behavioural Analysis Program

Health and Wellness

Children with autism preparing to start school in 2016 at age six will benefit from the Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention program.

Amendments to Dental Act Introduced

Health and Wellness

Amendments to the Dental Act will give the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia options to include conditions and restrictions when licensing new dentists.

Audiology, Speech-language Pathology Act Introduced

Health and Wellness

Government introduced legislation today, April 15, requiring more than 300 audiologists and speech-language pathologists to be members of a new self-regulatory body.

Government Enhances Support to Help Seniors Live Well in Their Homes

Health and Wellness / Seniors

Government is making a number of investments this year to help more seniors stay in their homes longer and remain independent.

The Gift of Life, Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, Op-ed

Health and Wellness

A little over four years ago, I got a birthday present that saved my life -- and it came from a complete stranger.

Paramedics to Provide In-home Support for Palliative Care Patients

Health and Wellness

Palliative patients in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will soon be able to get more support from paramedics for pain and symptom management, at home.

Amendments to Health Authorities Act Reflect Labour Relations Agreement

Health and Wellness

Government has introduced amendments to the Health Authorities Act allowing four councils of unions to negotiate on behalf of health-care workers within the new Nova Scotia Health Authority and at the IWK.

Nurse Practitioners Soon Able to Discharge Patients from Hospitals

Health and Wellness

Government has amended the Hospitals Act to allow nurse practitioners to discharge patients from hospitals.

Gambling Support Network Launched

Health and Wellness

The province is rolling out a new Gambling Support Network and Take 5 awareness campaign.

Government, Unions Reach Health-Care Labour Relations Agreement

Health and Wellness

Government and the four unions involved in health care have reached an agreement today, March 13.