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Mental Health, Addictions Advisory Strategy Committee Releases Report

Health and Wellness

The province welcomes the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisory Committee report released today, April 23, and will use the recommendations to develop Nova Scotia's first mental health and addictions strategy.

Prudence recommandée en ce qui concerne les tiques à pattes noires

Health and Wellness

La température demeure au-dessus de la normale et les Néo-Écossais profitent des régions boisées et des parcs plus tôt cette année, et c'est pourquoi il est important d'être au courant et de se protéger contre les piqûres de tiques à pattes noires qui peuvent causer la maladie de Lyme.

Nova Scotians Cautioned Against Blacklegged Ticks

Health and Wellness

As the weather continues to be unseasonably warm and Nova Scotians are enjoying woods and parks earlier this spring, it is important be aware and protect against bites from blacklegged ticks that can cause Lyme disease.

Le gouvernement présente son rapport sur les consultations tenues sur l'obésité juvénile

Health and Wellness

La Province a fait un pas de plus vers l'élaboration d'un plan pour lutter contre l'obésité juvénile grâce aux commentaires de plus de 1100 personnes, groupes et organismes sur ce qu'il faut faire pour qu'il soit plus facile de grandir en santé en Nouvelle-Écosse.

Province Releases Consultation Report on Childhood Obesity

Health and Wellness

The province is closer to a plan to address childhood obesity after hearing from more than 1,100 people, groups and organizations about how to make it easier to grow up healthy in Nova Scotia.

Province, Capital Health to Conduct Joint Review

Health and Wellness / Justice

The province and Capital District Health Authority will conduct a joint review of circumstances surrounding the release of a patient at East Coast Forensic Hospital on April 16.

East Hants Sportsplex Grand Opening

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (to March 31, 2014) / Health and Wellness

The newly renovated and expanded East Hants Sportsplex will give residents access to high-quality sports and recreation opportunities to help them stay fit and healthy while having fun.

Secure Care Unit To Open In Waterville

Health and Wellness

Youth on remand by the court for a mental health assessment are now being cared for at a new six-bed secure care unit at the Nova Scotia Youth Facility, where they will receive better mental health care, programming and support.

Reporting Infectious Diseases

Health and Wellness

The province is strengthening efforts to identify and monitor infectious diseases.

Nova Scotia the First Province with Certified Electronic Medical Records

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotia is improving security and privacy for thousands of patients whose medical information is stored electronically.

Nova Scotians Learn How to Self-manage Chronic Conditions

Health and Wellness

Better health, improved quality of life and fewer days in hospital are some of the benefits Nova Scotians with chronic health problems are getting from the Your Way to Wellness program.

Sheet Harbour Seniors Benefit from Replacement Nursing Home

Health and Wellness

Seniors in the Sheet Harbour area have access to improved long-term care options with a new replacement nursing home.

Oh, What Your Kidneys Can Do! Op-ed

Health and Wellness

Kidneys are the body's filtration system. They remove toxins and excess water from the blood. Kidneys also help to control blood pressure and produce red blood cells and hormones.

Province, District Health Authorities Move Forward on Merged Services

Health and Wellness

The province, the nine district health authorities and the IWK today, March 1, announced the merger of several administrative services that will bring savings of up to $8.8 million, which are needed to protect patient care.

Changing Behaviour Can Address Cardiovascular Risk

Health and Wellness

Like many people, Halifax-resident Penny MacKenzie didn't think much about heart health. With five children and a full-time job, she didn't have time to focus much on exercise or eating habits.

Nova Scotia to Limit OxyNeo Coverage

Health and Wellness

The province is introducing restrictions to limit access to potentially addictive prescription drugs.

Palliative Home Care Patients Eligible for Free Drug Coverage

Health and Wellness

Patients receiving palliative care at home are eligible for full drug coverage at no cost with the launch of the new, expanded Palliative Home Care Drug Coverage Program today, Feb. 15.

Extended Care Paramedic Program Earns National Award

Health and Wellness

Nova Scotia's innovative Extended Care Paramedic nursing home program that allows seniors to be treated at home instead of the emergency department is now an national award winning service.

Fair Drug Prices Now a Reality for Nova Scotians

Health and Wellness

More than a year ago, government embarked on an effort aimed at lowering the price of generic drugs for Nova Scotians. We undertook this to make generic drugs more affordable and prices in line with those paid by people in other provinces. Nova Scotians were paying some of the highest prices in the world for generic drugs and that needed to change.

Nouvelle clinique financée par le gouvernement provincial dans le comté de Richmond

Health and Wellness

Les résidents du comté de Richmond auront plus facilement accès aux services de santé primaires grâce à une nouvelle clinique de santé moderne prévue à L'Ardoise.