News releases from Service Nova Scotia issued in the specified time period (Page 4)

Major Illegal Tobacco Seizure in Pictou County

Service Nova Scotia

More illegal tobacco has been removed from the streets of Nova Scotia as a result of a joint investigation by Service Nova Scotia, RCMP and the Pictou County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit.

Request for Expressions of Interest for Gas Pricing System

Service Nova Scotia

To help make informed decisions about gas price regulations and other policies, government issued a request for expressions of interest, today, June 2.

Amendments to Vital Statistics Act Introduced

Service Nova Scotia

Amendments to the Vital Statistics Act will further protect transgender Nova Scotians from harassment and discrimination.

Working Hard to Reduce Red Tape in Nova Scotia, Op-ed

Service Nova Scotia

The Canadian Federation of Business Red Tape Awareness Week reminds us that excessive government regulation can create hardship for small and medium-sized businesses. I want Nova Scotians to know that reducing red tape and modernizing programs is a priority for this government.

Government Marks Red Tape Awareness Week

Service Nova Scotia

Government is marking the Canadian Federation of Independent Business's (CFIB) annual Red Tape Awareness Week, Jan. 19-23.

New Structure, ADM for Service Nova Scotia

Service Nova Scotia

A new organizational structure at Service Nova Scotia will improve service and reduce red tape for people and businesses.

Most Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia in 2014

Service Nova Scotia

According to Nova Scotia's Registry of Vital Statistics, those who wrote Emma or Liam on a birth certificate this year were not alone. At least 62 Emma's and 59 Liam's were born in the province.

Government Implementing Petroleum Price Volume Tracking System

Service Nova Scotia

The amount of gasoline each retail outlet in the province sells, the grade, and at what price, will soon be tracked electronically and reported directly to regulators.

Streamlined Services for Restaurant, Accommodation Operators

Service Nova Scotia

Government is reducing red tape and streamlining services for restaurant and accommodation operators, as part of the 2015-16 capital plan.

Nouvelles plaques de stationnement accessible pour motocyclettes

Service Nova Scotia

Les Néo-Écossais qui vivent avec un handicap peuvent maintenant obtenir une plaque d'immatriculation de stationnement accessible pour leur motocyclette au lieu d'un permis qu'ils doivent afficher.

New Accessible Motorcycle Licence Plate Available

Service Nova Scotia

SERVICE NOVA SCOTIA--New Accessible Motorcycle Licence Plate Available -----------------------------------------------------------------Nova Scotians with disabilities can now get an accessible licence plate for their motorcycles, instead of a placard.

Amendments to Cellphone Legislation

Justice / Service Nova Scotia

Cellphone users in Nova Scotia will have broader protection when a new federal Wireless Code applies to all cellphone contracts on June 3, 2015.

Applications Available for 2014-15 Heating Rebate Program

Service Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians who need help with home heating costs this winter can apply for the government's heating rebate program.

Consumer Protection Legislation to be Consistent and Flexible

Service Nova Scotia

Consumer protection legislation is being updated to reflect current practices and to make it more flexible to changes in the consumer environment.

Province to Recognize, Protect Apprentice Funeral Directors

Service Nova Scotia

An amendment introduced today, Oct. 1, will allow individuals training to become funeral directors to be licensed and registered as apprentices with the Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

Annual Gaming Report Released

Service Nova Scotia

The 2013-2014 Nova Scotia Annual Gaming Report is available on the Service Nova Scotia website at

Middleton Registry of Motor Vehicles Closed

Service Nova Scotia

The Registry of Motor Vehicles office in Middleton is closed today, July 7, due to a power outage. The situation will be reassessed and the public will be notified when it is reopened.

Seniors Should be Cautious with Personal Alert System Vendors

Health and Wellness / Service Nova Scotia

Government is asking seniors to exercise caution if approached at home by private companies selling personal alert systems.

Antique Licence Plates to Include Tractors

Service Nova Scotia

Government is expanding the antique licence plate program to include farm tractors that are 30 years old and over.

Deadline to Remove Studded Tires Extended

Service Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia drivers have until May 31 this year to remove studded tires from vehicles.