News releases from Natural Resources (to July 2018) issued in the specified time period (Page 35)

Nova Scotia Plans for a Prosperous Mining Future

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Increasing global prices for gold, lead, zinc, and most other minerals continue to make Canada, and Nova Scotia, attractive for investors and for companies actively involved in the mineral resources industry.

Hunters Help the Hungry

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Meat is a valuable source of energy and protein and is often lacking in meals of families in need. That is why Nova Scotia's food banks are looking forward to the beginning of the hunting season and the second year of the Hunters Help the Hungry program.

Minister Encourages Participation in Voluntary Planning Process

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

How can government better manage the environmental, business and recreational benefits of Nova Scotia's forest and mineral resources? How can wildlife be better incorporated in our plans for urban development? Can Nova Scotia's provincial parks do a better job satisfying tourists and locals?

OHV Trail Funds Allocated

Health Promotion and Protection (To Jan. 11) / Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) operators will soon have access to 365 kilometres of new or upgraded snowmobile, all-terrain and multi-use trails across Nova Scotia, thanks to funding from the Off-highway Infrastructure Fund.

Woodlot Owners of Year to Host Field Days

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians will have an opportunity to take interpretive walks in the woods, learn about Nova Scotia's organic Christmas tree industry, view informative displays or simply enjoy the great outdoors when regional and provincial Woodlot Owners of the Year open their properties to the public during the month of September.

Woodlot Management Program Announced

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Private woodlot owners in Nova Scotia are being encouraged to take a second look at their options for woodland management.

Nova Scotia Protects 30 Additional Natural Areas

Environment and Labour (to April 1/08) / Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Thirty new protected areas in six Nova Scotia counties will preserve old-growth forests, rare ecosystems, unique wetlands, historic and cultural sites and extensive natural frontage on many lakes and rivers.

Celebrate Parks Day, July 21

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Make a kite, go for a hike and discover Nova Scotia's wildlife at one of the many provincial parks taking part in Parks Day on Saturday, July 21. This national celebration marks the 18th annual Parks Day and Nova Scotia provincial parks continue to participate each year.

Provincial Park Renamed for Jerry Lawrence

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Former radio host and cabinet minister Jerry Lawrence can add a new title to his long list of achievements and accolades: inspiration and namesake of a provincial park.

Soon Accepting Antlerless Deer Hunting Licence Applications

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

One-thousand additional permits are up for grabs in this year's antlerless deer hunting licence draw, bringing the total licences to 5,750 for the fall 2007 season. The phone line, accepting applications to hunt antlerless deer, will open Saturday, July 14.

2007 Woodlot Owner of the Year Announced

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

The 2007 winners of Nova Scotia's Woodlot Owner of the Year Award nurture a seventh generation, 170-hectare woodlot that exhibits many attributes that come from thoughtful stewardship of the land.

Parks are for People Upcoming Events

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians have more than 100 reasons to enjoy the summer sunshine in provincial parks, thanks to the Parks are for People program co-ordinated by the Department of Natural Resources.

Précautions recommandées contre le virus du Nil occidental

Natural Resources (to July 2018) / Health Promotion and Protection (To Jan. 11)

Des mesures simples, comme porter des vêtements de couleur pâle et utiliser un insectifuge contenant du DEET, peuvent réduire le risque de piqûres de moustique et, par conséquent, le risque d'infection par le virus du Nil occidental.

West Nile Virus Precautions Recommended

Health Promotion and Protection (To Jan. 11) / Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Simple measures, like wearing light-coloured clothing and applying insect repellant that contains DEET, can reduce the risk of mosquito bites -- and infection from West Nile virus.

Courses for Hunter Education to Begin

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Courses for hunter education are about to begin for the 2007 Nova Scotia hunting season. To receive a Wildlife Resource Card, which allows the purchase of a hunting licence, the Department of Natural Resources requires all new hunters take a course.

Campground Reservation System a Success

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks' new reservation system, which lets people reserve specific camp sites at provincial campgrounds by phone or online, is a success and the season has only just begun.

Province Honours Campground Host Weekend

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks' volunteer campground hosts are being recognized with a Campground Host Weekend from June 22 to 24 in Battery Provincial Park, St. Peter's, Richmond Co.

Nova Scotia Lends Forest Fire Equipment to Other Provinces

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

The Department of Natural Resources is sending firefighting equipment to Quebec and New Brunswick to assist with a high volume of forest fires. Additional resources are needed to control and extinguish the fires burning throughout these provinces.

Beach-goers Educated on Endangered Piping Plover

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Beach-goers were reminded to keep their dogs on a leash and vehicles off the beach as enforcement officers conducted a campaign last weekend focusing on the endangered piping plover in Nova Scotia.

Changes to Forest Sustainability Regulations

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Private owners will have more choices in the way they manage their woodlots as a result of recent changes to regulations under the Forests Act.