News releases from Natural Resources (to July 2018) issued in the specified time period (Page 23)

Nova Scotia to Deploy a Second Unit to Fight Fires in Alberta

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

The Department of Natural Resources is sending another 21 member firefighting crew to Alberta to assist with the high number of forest fires.

Nova Scotia to Help Fight Fires in Alberta

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

The Natural Resources Department is sending a 21 member firefighting crew to Alberta to assist with a high number of forest fires.

Four-part Coyote Plan Increases Awareness, Safety

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

A four-part plan by the province has increased awareness and made communities safer from aggressive coyotes.

Provincial Parks Set to Welcome Visitors

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

People are being encouraged to discover nature by participating in events at provincial parks that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Plan Supports Woodlot Owners, Healthy Forests

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

A $5-million investment will help the province achieve its target of reducing clearcutting to 50 per cent of the total harvest over the next five years.

Province Streamlines Process for Ungranted Crown Lands

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

An amendment introduced today, April 19, will allow the province to release ownership of some ungranted Crown lands in a more timely, efficient manner.

Early Signs of White-Nose Syndrome Spreading to Bats

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians are being asked to help slow the spread of a lethal bat disease, called white-nose syndrome, that has been detected in the little brown bat population in the province.

Electricity from Biomass Cap Lowered

Natural Resources (to July 2018) / Energy (to July 2018)

The province is acting to further protect the sustainability of Nova Scotia's forests while keeping on track to meet its renewable energy goals.

Applications Available for Cape Breton Moose Hunt

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Applications are being accepted for the 2011 annual moose licence lottery, which will allow selected hunters to participate in one of four seasons in Cape Breton.

Change Your World for Wildlife

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians are encouraged to learn more about how forests are managed, harvested and conserved during National Wildlife Week from Sunday, April 10 to 16.

Nature Awaits Nova Scotians, Visitors

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians are encouraged to reserve some time with nature by visiting provincial camping parks.

Truro Family of Doctors Sees Value, Relaxation in Woodlot Management

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Three generations of Truro-area doctors know the value of being recognized as good stewards of the forest.

Land Sale Supports Upper Clements Expansion

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Upper Clements Park is set to expand skyward with an aerial adventure park to draw more visitors and create jobs.

Ressources éducatives supplémentaires au sujet des coyotes

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Prenez un air imposant! Allez à reculons! Faites du bruit! Les trois règles dont il faut se souvenir si l'on rencontre un coyote au comportement agressif sont représentées par l'acronyme PAF sur les ressources publiées aujourd'hui 24 mars.

More Coyote Safety Education Offered

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Back away! Act big! Make noise! The three rules to remember in an encounter with an aggressive coyote are represented by the acronym BAM on educational materials released today, March 24.

Beaches, Island, Forests Purchased

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

To many Nova Scotians, nothing sounds better this time of year than a long sandy beach, an island and breathtakingly beautiful greenery.

Land Purchases Support Rural Economy

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Nova Scotians will soon have more green acres with the purchase of land in three counties, including a coastal property along the Northumberland Shore.

Thaw Risky for Trail Users

Natural Resources (to July 2018) / Health and Wellness

Trail users in the province should be cautious as warming temperatures lead to thawing and risky ice conditions.

Department Responds to Aggressive Coyote Incident

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Department of Natural Resources officials responded to an incident involving an aggressive coyote Saturday, Feb. 26, in Milford Station, Hants Co.

Shubenacadie Sam Says Spring Coming Soon

Natural Resources (to July 2018)

Shubenacadie Sam says, despite today's snow, you will soon be able to trade in your snowsuit for gardening garb.