Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Partnership Agreement to Reduce Barriers

Premier's Office

Published February 24, 2009

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald and New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham signed an agreement today (February 19th) that will help strengthen the economies of both provinces by reducing barriers to business, trade and skilled labour.

The agreement (PDF) involves improved, standardized and harmonized regulation; mutual recognition of professional and trade credentials; and clear, consistent requirements for business.

New initiatives will be added as opportunities are identified.


Removing obstacles to business and the movement of skilled workers makes good sense any time, and even more so during a period of world-wide economic challenge.Premier Rodney MacDonald

We are working hard, with a number of measures, to strengthen our economy, and this agreement with New Brunswick is another step in the right direction. It will help make it easier for businesses to operate and grow in both of our provinces.Premier Rodney MacDonald

As the list of co-operative ventures grows, we will start to see more and more common rules for both provinces, reducing the administrative time taken to understand and comply with the differences.Premier Shawn Graham

The agreement is also about co-operation between the two provinces and systems -- and projects that will help us spend taxpayers' dollars more efficiently and provide better services to citizens.Premier Shawn Graham

I'm very pleased that we're seeing two of our Atlantic provinces start working together; this is something CFIB has always been a very big proponent of. We recognize the devil's going to be in the details, but it is an absolutely good place to start and, given what's going on in the economy right now, the place we need to start.Leanne Hachey, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

So we see this as a very positive continuation of the kind of thinking that allows people to focus on productive and successful initiatives rather than worrying about paperwork and the differences between one jurisdiction and another.Carol MacCulloch, Canadian Construction Association

Quick Facts

  • After the Halifax announcement, the premiers travelled to New Brunswick to outline the agreement at a luncheon in Fredericton.
  • The agreement was initiated when Atlantic provinces invited a group of small to medium-sized business representatives to attend a roundtable consultation on regulatory reform in Moncton in April 2007.
  • At the last Council of the Federation meeting in Ottawa, the premiers reaffirmed their commitment to reduce barriers to trade and labour mobility among the provinces.

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See copies of the agreement at the Intergovernmental Affairs website.

The government of Nova Scotia website

The government of New Brunswick website

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Permiers Graham and MacDonald sign PARE

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