Province Signs MOU with Maine on Energy Co-operation

Premier's Office

Published Monday, July 12, 2010

Premier Darrell Dexter and Governor John Baldacci of Maine, today, July 12, agreed through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to co-operate on renewable ocean electricity generation.


"Nova Scotia has always enjoyed a strong economic, social, and cultural partnership with Maine and this MOU is another example of how our governments will work to grow the economy, create jobs, and protect the environment in both our regions." Premier Darrell Dexter

"Signing this MOU with Maine is an important step in making sure Nova Scotia capitalizes on every opportunity to further develop renewable electricity for this province that will have real economic benefits for Nova Scotians now and in for years to come." Premier Darrell Dexter

"This MOU will help facilitate discussions between Maine and Nova Scotia around the research and development of renewable off-shore energy resources, and will enhance Nova Scotia and Maine's already strong relationship" Maine Governor John Baldacci

"Tidal technology is an emerging field, with many challenges and opportunities. Our research work will depend on the strength of many partnerships and this MOU is a welcome development. Maine was the first region in North America to consider generating electricity from tidal energy, and may have an important role to play in its future." Doug Keefe, executive director of Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy

"AWEA is pleased to see the MOU between Maine and Nova Scotia that is focused on offshore renewable energy collaboration through research and data sharing. This type of partnership will help the North American offshore wind energy industry reach its potential, and realize its many environmental, economic and job creation benefits." Denise Bode, CEO American Wind Energy Association

Quick Facts

  • opportunities for furthering offshore wind and tidal energy technology will be looked at under the MOU
  • it will also look at ways to co-operate on tidal energy research and development
  • governments will share information on renewable electricity, including tidal energy and offshore wind production
  • ensure information is shared with one another in a timely manner
  • discuss expanding the MOU to include other provinces and states

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Premier Darrell Dexter signs a Memorandum of Understanding on energy co-operation with Maine Governor John Baldacci.
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Premier Darrell Dexter and Maine Governor John Baldacci shake hands after signing a Memorandum of Understanding on energy co-operation.
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Premier Darrell Dexter says the MOU is an opportunity for the province and Maine to work collaboratively on tidal power issues.
Christopher Suaer, president and CEO of Ocean Renewable Power Company in Portland Maine says the MOU shows that Nova Scotia and Maine are aligned when it comes to the development of tidal energy.
Mr. Suaer says it is important investors realize that governments are behind the projects.