Nova Scotia Attracts World-Leading IT Company, Creates Jobs of the Future

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nova Scotia, IBM Canada, the province's universities and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) are joining forces to create hundreds of high-paying, long-term jobs, and ensure young Nova Scotians have the skills to succeed in them. IBM chose Nova Scotia as the best province to locate its only Global Delivery Centre in Canada.


As I listen to families, small-business owners, and young people in all parts of Nova Scotia, I feel their energy and enthusiasm for the opportunities on our horizon. IBM could have picked any place in Canada to bring their expertise, research and jobs, but they feel this energy, too. Premier Darrell Dexter

Together, we are building a reputation and workforce that will attract more business and investment, and giving our young people more reason to believe they can succeed and raise a family here at home. Premier Darrell Dexter

Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Business Inc., and our post-secondary partners have demonstrated the vision and commitment to make this game-changing investment a reality. This collaboration will help spur regional economic growth, seed 21st century job skills, and propel development in key growth areas to help advance Nova Scotia's competitiveness on the world stage. John Lutz, president, IBM Canada

By working together, Nova Scotia's post-secondary institutions and IBM Canada will create a hub of learning and research that will provide our students, and companies, with a competitive advantage in an emerging and fast-growing area within the IT sector. Don Bureaux, NSCC president

Bringing a partnership with one of the world's biggest names in IT to our region and all of the resources that will come with it is big news to me. The doors it will open to new and bigger opportunities for people in our field is exciting for sure. Michaela LeBlanc, second year IT-Web Development student at NSCC's Burridge Campus in Yarmouth

This is great news for Nova Scotian businesses like Acadian Seaplants. We are already using analytics internally to better understand our customers. We are very interested in using analytics in the future to figure out the best way to innovate and focus our interests in the right market. Having expertise like this right here at home will be a huge advantage. Jean-Paul Deveau, president, Acadian Seaplants

The province worked hard to protect provincial and Capital Health employees. This has been a long and difficult process for our employees, and they have a lot to consider in the days ahead. I want them to know that their talent and commitment is part of what attracted IBM to this province, and the job offer and opportunities for bonuses and growth that go with it will reflect that. Premier Darrell Dexter

Quick Facts

  • The IBM Global Delivery Centre positions Nova Scotia as a leader in innovation and analytics, attracting more investment, more businesses, and more jobs of the future to the province.
  • IBM expects to create up to 500 new jobs over the next eight years.
  • IBM signed an agreement with NSCC and five universities to help develop a workforce with the right skills and training for the growing analytics industry. IBM will make student recruitment a major focus, and will invest in research at the institutions.
  • Five-hundred employees would earn almost $130 million over eight years, money they can spend in their communities and on making life better for their families.
  • The $130-million payroll will generate $18.7 million in provincial income tax. In return for creating and retaining these jobs, IBM will earn up to $12.2 million of this amount over eight years.
  • The province gains more than $6 million in tax revenue, along with the economic spinoffs in communities, and additional revenue from new businesses that the Global Delivery Centre will attract.
  • The Global Delivery Centre will also support the province's SAP IT system. IBM will deliver the same level of services, based on today's costs, $8.4 million, adjusted annually for inflation.
  • IBM will offer a job to the 75 permanent employees affected by this agreement.
  • This is the second large job-creation announcement this week. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, PROJEX Technologies Ltd., an Alberta engineering company, announced plans to create 440 high-paying, long-term jobs in Nova Scotia.

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Premier Darrell Dexter addresses a large crowd at NSCC Waterfront Campus in Dartmouth.
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A large crowd watches Premier Darrell Dexter discuss the almost 500 jobs that IBM expects to create in Nova Scotia.
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Provincial cabinet minister sit in the front row as John Lutz, president, IBM Canada, speaks.
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Premier Darrell Dexter smiles as he shakes hands with a student during a chat after the announcement.
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John Lutz, president, IBM Canada, talks about he decision to expand to Nova Scotia.
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Premier Darrell Dexter is interviewed for the NSCC radio station after the announcement.
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John Lutz, president, IBM Canada, says this is a big step.
Don Bureaux, NSCC president, says he's looking forward to a very bright future.
Michaela LeBlanc, a second year IT-Web Development student at NSCC's Burridge Campus in Yarmouth, says the doors it will open is exciting.
Acadian Seaplants president Jean-Paul Deveau says having this expertise at home will be a huge advantage.