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Forum: Air Quality

Nova Scotia Environment and Labour was pleased to host a Science Forum on outdoor air quality on March 8, 2006.

Some of the topics addressed at the one-day forum included:

  • what are the main air pollutants
  • what are the sources of air pollutants
  • how are air pollutants transported
  • what are the human health effects of air pollution
  • what are the environmental effects of air pollution
  • how are climate change and air quality linked
  • what research is happening locally related to air quality
  • what is being done to improve air quality

Read the Government news release.

Summary of the Forum

The forum was attended by members of the public and representatives from non-government organizations, industry, the academic community, and government (provincial, municipal, and federal). There were approximately 90 attendees plus 12 presenters.


See the agenda


Title Speaker
Ambient air quality basicsPDF Download Link (PDF:3.3mb) Johnny McPherson
Ambient air quality in Nova ScotiaPDF Download Link (PDF:385k) Fran Di Cesare
Living in the tailpipePDF Download Link (PDF:5.3mb) David Waugh
What affects air quality - transboundaryPDF Download Link (PDF:633k) Martin Gauthier
What affects air quality - localPDF Download Link (PDF:2.8mb) Johnny McPherson
Why and how do we model air qualityPDF Download Link (PDF:2.3mb) Martin Gauthier
What are the human health effects of air pollutionPDF Download Link (PDF:1.6mb) Judy Guernsey
What are the environmental effects of air pollutionPDF Download Link (PDF:2.6mb) Lisa Phinney
How are climate change and air quality linked?PDF Download Link (PDF:908k) Barb MacKinnon
What is government doing about air quality?
Provincial perspectivePDF Download Link (PDF:474k) Andrew Murphy
Federal perspectivePDF Download Link (PDF:28k) Tracey Inkpen
Municipal perspective (HRM)PDF Download Link (PDF:9k) Stephen King
What research is happening in Nova Scotia related to air quality?
Lichens as indicators of air quality in Nova ScotiaPDF Download Link (PDF:785k) Robert Cameron
Lidar aerosol measurements at Dalhousie UniversityPDF Download Link (PDF:2mb) Tom Duck
Air quality model applications for Atlantic CanadaPDF Download Link (PDF:1.1mb) Colleen Farrell