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Pests and Pesticides

Domestic Retail Requirements


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Under the Non-essential Pesticides legislation there are no restrictions if you are only selling products on this list: List of Allowable Pesticides

How do I get a Class I(B) Domestic Vendor Certificate to sell excepted use/restricted access Domestic class pesticides?

The Non-essential pesticides legislation deals with pesticides labeled for use on lawns, outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers or other ornamental plants.

If you are selling Domestic class pesticides on the List of Allowable Pesticides then certification is not required. These products can be sold in the same manner as they are currently.

Vendors/retailers who wish to continue selling Domestic Class excepted use products such as glyphosate (Round-Up) will be required to obtain a Class I(B) Domestic Vendor certificate. We do allow for home study of the manual prior to writing the exam. The exam is 2 hours in length, closed book and is 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 75%. Here is a link to the Domestic Vendor exam instructionsPDF Download Link (PDF:35k).

Here is a link to our vendor training manual:

A completed "Application for a Pesticide Certificate" and certificate fee of $66.35 must be submitted before scheduling and writing an exam.

If you decide to pursue certification, please consider the following:

  • A vendor with a Class I(B) Domestic Vendor certificate must be available whenever excepted use/restricted access pesticides are sold. Therefore, a store may need several certified employees.
  • The purchaser cannot have direct access to the excepted use/restricted access pesticides. The retailer must find a way to prevent access.
  • The purchaser must speak with the certified vendor to gain access to the excepted use product. This will assist in educating the purchaser on the proper use of the product.
  • If vendors are selling Domestic Class excepted use pesticides the business does not require certification.
  • Written information regarding the legal use of the pesticide must be provided to the purchaser.
  • Nova Scotia Environment provides the written sheet at this link: Information sheet for vendor to provide to purchaserPDF Download Link (PDF:80k)

The following documents are important to read: