Privacy Statement for Online Services

Access To / Correction of Personal Information

The privacy rights of online visitors to the Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) Website are fully protected by Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any personal information which NSE collects from visitors relates directly to the operation of programs and will not be used for any other purpose. To obtain access to or correct personal information you have submitted via this form, please contact Nova Scotia Environment at:

FOIPOP Administrator
1903 Barrington Street, Suite 2085
PO Box 442
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2P8

What is this Privacy Statement?

Nova Scotia Environment has provided this statement to inform you of the standards and provisions we have designed into our Online Services ("Services") to protect your personal information and ensure a safe Internet experience.

This statement is bound by the same principles and requirements that are contained in the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (click here for further details). This statement supports and conforms to the Nova Scotia Government Website Privacy Policy. In addition, it outlines the guidelines we follow to collect personal information and how that information is  used to transact the electronic business you do with us.

By accessing the Services offered through Nova Scotia Environment, you are indicating agreement with this Privacy Statement  and the Terms of Use . If you do not agree to these terms, please do not continue to access or transact business using these Services.

What is Considered Personal Information?

Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act defines the meaning of personal information. In addition to the information types defined by the Act, information relating to a specific individual such as date of birth, telephone numbers, vehicle information, e-mail address, credit card data, or other information collected by these Online Services, are considered to be personal information.

For purposes of this statement, general information such as Internet Protocol address and domain name, web browser version, or statistical information regarding which areas of our site you visit, are not considered to be personal information.

How is Personal Information Handled?

Nova Scotia Environment follows these guidelines regarding the collection and use of personal information within these Services:

Should any situation arise which would cause the use of personal information which would be inconsistent with the above guidelines, your prior consent for such use will be required.

What Statistical Information Is Collected?

So that we may improve the content of these Services and to help us understand how people are using them, the following information about your access activities is automatically collected and stored by our web server:

About Our Business Partners

Some functions within the Online Services are provided by service providers external to Nova Scotia Environment. All external service providers must meet the applicable security, privacy and terms of use provisions as stated for Nova Scotia Environment.

Nova Scotia Environment uses the services of Atlantic Canada Online (ACOL), a service created by the four Atlantic Canada provinces and Unisys Canada Inc. to provide electronic access to government information and services.

What are the Security Provisions for the Services?

The Nova Scotia Government's Chief Information Office (CIO) has taken several steps to safeguard your personal information, as well as the integrity of its telecommunications and computing infrastructure. These steps include various forms of authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption.

Specific security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and operating practices of the entire electronic operating environment for these Services. For example, to ensure the security and integrity of information contained within electronic transactions accessed from these Services, we employ standard web-browser certificate and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which permits the secure encryption of information sent on the Internet.

In addition, in order to complete certain transactions within the Service, the following features of your web browser must be enabled:


We use the "Cookies" feature to allow proper navigation of the various screens and functions throughout the Service. Although these Cookies are stored on the computer which you use to connect to the Internet, no personal information which would identify you is included in the information stored as part of the Cookie. If you choose not to enable (or to disable) the Cookies function within your browser, you will not be able to complete transactions.


JavaScript is utilized to provide enhanced functionality and improve the usability of these transaction Services. For optimal operation of these Services, you should have JavaScript enable in your browser. Otherwise, some features, such as error checking of your information, may not work exactly as described.

Are E-mail Requests and Other Correspondence Secure?

In addition to the use of our secure Services, you may choose to communicate with Nova Scotia Environment through regular e-mail. In the course of initiating this electronic correspondence, you may provide, or be asked to provide, personal information to enable us to respond to your request effectively.

Important Note: Regular e-mail correspondence does not offer the same encryption and security measures as provided within our transaction Services. Therefore, it is the policy of Nova Scotia Environment that correspondence containing personal information is not sent using regular e-mail methods.

We may also forward the contents of e-mail correspondence to other departments or agencies who may be better able to help you or respond fully to your request. Except for the sole purpose of responding to your request, the contents of your e-mail correspondence, including any personal information, will not be shared with other parties.

What is Done With Survey Requests and Information?

During the process of conducting business using these Services, you may be offered the opportunity to provide feedback to us regarding the quality and features of our service offerings. Any information you may provide during survey activities is maintained for the sole purpose of improving service quality and offerings. Survey information is collected and analysed in aggregate form only. At no time will personal information provided during the course of an electronic survey be used by Nova Scotia Environment for any other purpose, unless your prior consent for such use is received.

Statement Changes

Changes to this Privacy Statement may occur from time to time to ensure the consistent, ongoing operation of the Services. When using these Services, the privacy and security of your personal information will be bound by the statement and applicable legislation in effect at the time of your transaction.

For more information regarding this Privacy Statement or to comment on its content, please contact:

Web Administrator

Nova Scotia Environment
1903 Barrington Street, Suite 2085
PO Box 442
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2P8