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About the Board

Established in 1972 under the Nova Scotia Pulpwood Marketing Act, the the Primary Forest Products Marketing Board was for many years known as The Nova Scotia Pulpwood Marketing Board. The main activities of the board continue to be the registration of bargaining agents and the supervision of collective bargaining between groups of pulpwood producers and large pulpwood mills within the province. The clients of the Board are the primary forest products producers of Nova Scotia . In 1986 the act was amended to include other primary forest products such as sawmill chips, hog fuel, and Christmas trees.

Organization ChartThe board is financed by a levy assessed on the producers of forest products. The board is appointed by the Governor in Council. The membership of the Board is made up of seven persons including a chairperson and a vice-chairperson. There are also five alternate members. Section 4 of the Act provides that membership shall include: one person experienced in the sawmill industry, one person experienced in the pulp and paper industry, two persons who are not engaged in the sawmill industry or the pulp and paper industry and three persons not engaged in the production, marketing or processing of primary forest products.

The Board must act within the powers given it through the Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Act, R.S.N.S., 1989, c355 and its regulations. The powers of the Board are described in section 6 of the Act.

Regulations under the Act:

Guidelines for Grants and Loans Regulations - (N.S. Reg. 82/89)

Licensing and Furnishing of Information Regulations (amended to N.S. Reg. 41/90)

Rules of Procedure:

Part I - Internal Matters (N.S. Reg. 95/88)

Part II - Bargaining - Agreement Matters (N.S. Reg. 20/94)

[Please Note:Copies of orders are available at the office of the Primary Forest Products Marketing Board.]

Board members:

  • Brent Silver, Chair
  • Reg Johnston, Vice-Chair
  • Steve Brown, Member
  • Mike Gillis, Member
  • H. Joseph Lord, Member
  • Ronald Surette, Member
  • Angus Bonnyman, Member


Contact Information

The Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board has closed their Barrington St. office as of February 28th, 2018. Please direct mail to the following address:

Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board
P.O. Box 698
Halifax, NS
B3J 2T9



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