Culture Innovation Fund

Culture Innovation Fund


The Culture Innovation Fund invests in initiatives and projects carried out by organizations, partnerships, and collaborations working to use creativity and our diverse culture to address social issues and opportunities within communities.

The fund also supports initiatives intended to strengthen the role of Nova Scotia’s museums and libraries.

What is Culture Innovation?

Culture innovation is about using culture and creative expression in new and better ways to create value. Our broad and diverse culture includes the arts, music, heritage, languages, cultural identities, diversity, recreation, museums, libraries, traditions, food, spirituality and much more. Innovation in the scope of this grant is daring, collaborative, and new.


Registered Nova Scotia not-for-profits, museums, libraries, social enterprises and First Nations communities may submit proposals. Registered Nova Scotia businesses and municipalities may submit proposals in collaboration or partnership with the above organizations.

Fund Objectives

When you submit your proposal to the Culture Innovation Fund, you will need to explain how your project:

  • uses culture to address a social need in your community
  • supports an objective of Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community
  • is innovative beyond fulfilling your organization’s mandate

A separate application for the Culture Innovation Fund Doctor Retention Strategy will be posted in the coming weeks.


Innovation Fund Proposal Guidelines

Innovation Fund Proposal Application